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Saturday, 27 October 2007

“The Truth..” Gujarat 2002

Three of the TV channels in Gujarat are having black out. The sting operation by Tehelka, aptly christened Operation Kalank (disgrace), had exposed Modi's deep involvement in the post-Godhra riots. Will the justice be done? This is about Tehelka's expose on the perpetrators of the violence in Gujarat in 2002, which you can see here: The Shocking Truth The expose showing perpetrators of the 2002 carnage in Gujarat boasting about their crimes is an open challenge to all citizens of India. It is an urgent reminder that we must renew efforts to prosecute those who commit such crimes against humanity. We, Citizens for Peace, in particular appeal to the people of Gujarat to break silence and oppose the politics of hatred and terror. It is possible that many residents of Gujarat may have been unaware of the enormity of crimes committed in their state with open state support in 2002. Others may have hesitated to confront a truth so bizarre. Now, after the confessions, silence is equal to endorsement of the chilling crimes. Justice delayed is better than justice denied altogether. It will make a difference if citizens from all walks of life, across India, stand emphatically opposed to the continuing miscarriage of justice in Gujarat. Mr Justice, Will you just watch while my country burns? Justice should be of iron hand To drag those culprits who dared to sin. What proof do you seek When it is openly announced Those shameless, egoist, bloody crimes? Give us country that is safe to live, We need no politics of joining hands Playing partisan to those blood-thirsty mob Distributing weapons in rioters’ hands. Wake up please and hear me plead I can see no more my country bleed Please rule my land with iron hand and Punish those veterans of villains’ land.

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....

"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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