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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Stars on the ground?

I finally saw the movie ‘Tare Zameen Par’…(tax-free.) and I loved it.. My heart reached out specially, towards the kid, who feels crushed under the weight of rejection, it is the story closer to reality and it reminded me of my own childhood, because I, too, spend most of my primary school years out of the class and was repeatedly abused by my teachers who couldn’t cope up with my dumbness and my inability to concentrate on my studies. I hated my teachers and would be more stubborn and disobedient. Still I had great respect for my teachers at secondary school and I nursed the dream of teaching in school, but not beating the children when they were not able to cope with their studies. I am glad that my dreams came true, some twenty years later and that I got opportunity to teach special children and have enjoyed the experience of reaching out to them and communicating with them to a certain extend.. A familiar cord run through those experiences…I have met many dyslexic kids and found that the child and his parents both suffer. The child, Dursheel, in this movie is so adorable, I felt like hugging him, especially when he was sad and confused. Teachers are normally drawn towards weak ones because it is a challenge for them to help a slow child. What I don’t understand is why teachers portrayed (in movies) are either very strict or they are jokers. Teachers are the role models and they are usually aware of different problems that child might have, teachers need to be respected, not laughed or ridiculed at….like a group of boys, standing behind the teacher, during drawing competition and peeping in his painting and giggling…or that moment when Amir Khan tell the kids to show the seat to their teacher and the child takes his teacher to seats him beside his caricature. I don’t think that is funny, it is disrespectful. Children who watch the movie might feel that it is okay to show disrespect to their teachers. Movies, besides being an entertainment medium, they are also educational. Therefore they should be made with more responsibility and portray a decent and appropriate behavior, both from the teachers and the kids. However, the movie was enjoyable and their emotions touched our heart. It is especially informative for parents who expect too much from their children and crush their children’s ego by comparing them with the brighter kids. Every child is unique and every parent should be sensitive of their child’s ability and help them grow to bloom independently. The childhood memories linger in their mind for many years and they help shape their personality when they grow up.

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....

"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
"I shall seize the fate by its throat....It shall certainly not bend nor crush me completely"

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