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Monday, 13 July 2009

I Became a Film-Maker......Well, Er...Almost!!!!!

When I read my humor piece on Caferati read-meet on Saturday, I didn’t think much about it, but the next day, when I attended workshop on film-making and photography, that’s when my humor script found a channel... I went alone on Sunday morning (normally Sunday are reserved for family activities and I don’t usually go anywhere else, my family disapproves of it), I was hoping that I would have a friendly chat with at least one member at the work-shop, because I am normally quite shy to talk to strangers, especially when I am alone. The venue at Varsova (about one hour away from my house) was easy to find and I reached half an hour earlier than the actual time. To my surprise, I met the hostess of Caferati, Pinky, whom I had met a day earlier for the first time. We exchanged short greetings and then I waited for the hour to arrive, passing my time, flipping through magazines, avoiding the eyes of more strange people around me. The workshop started at 1030 hours and there were too many people, more people than what a room could accommodate. The session began with the instructor showing us a film he called pixilation ( a method of clicking still pictures and making a film on a computer using the application of 'adobe-after-effects') he showed us some great shots. I especially liked the one in which a story was made on a bed with graphic that showed the activities of a woman during the day (it was a great idea, must try that some time.) We were then asked to form our own groups to make one film per group. We had to spend the first hour making a story-board and then the rest of the day was to click shots, and then make a movie. Everybody started making groups. People who knew each other were first to form their groups. I waited for somebody to invite me, looking in all directions. Ann Huang,(casting director and short film maker) who was sitting opposite me, asked me if she could team up with me, she also asked Pradeep (lawyer) and Sidharth (Lawyer), who were sitting next to her, and we all agreed. Then Pinky,(Architect) who was sitting behind, approached to ask me if I could team up with her and her friend (graphic designer). I told her that I have already committed to one group, but Ann asked her if she would like to join us and thus team of six members were formed. We rushed out and occupied a private corner and thus our session began. Pinky suggested that I read my humor piece to the group and everybody loved it and so it was decided that we would make a film on my script. The story was about a foreigner in a coffee shop which I have blogged HERE It was decided that Ann was to play the role of 'foreigner', Pradeep the 'Bank director', Sidharth, the 'cousin' and yours truly was relaxing on a easy chair(as a back drop) and executing the story. Photography and graphics were done by Pinky and her friend. And thus the fun began. We clicked and clicked, more than 200 shots, checking it each time. Ann, Sidhharth and Pradeep put on their best acting performance and proved that they were gifted with acting talent, their expressions were captured in shots and we laughed through out the day. It was the best workshop that I had attended to this day. After lunch we downloaded the shots, edited them, added music and made a film, thus bringing my story alive.. The last session of the workshop (at 1800 hours) was to see all the film made by different groups and there were fifteen such groups. All the films were made with great interest, but of course, we felt, ours was ‘the best’. And why would that not be? My story was good, we had film maker in our group with graphic designer and architect and if anybody protests or disagrees, then we had lawyers to fight our case and prove our point. *grin*

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