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Sunday, 30 May 2010

What If?

What If

What if I unscrew that mystery box
To find your heart tied within
Could I pluck it
Keep it
Next to mine
And hear its soft upbeat rhythm

What if I touch your song of love
As it slips
Through my train of consciousness

Could I cuddle it closer
On cold winter nights
And find some moments of coziness

What if we heard them in chorus sing
Those bluebirds
Rhyming all the strings

Would we flutter our blinks
Like butterfly wings
Dancing in trance to melodious rings

A secret crush, no more you can be
Possible things
Don’t end in a dream

Your heart whispers closer
I for one
In love, I float in ecstasy

(c) Pushpee


  1. i loved it........especially the first 5 lines.....really touching....

    i have always believed that with the simplest of words you can touch a million of hearts and those first five lines were like that.......

    i'm not complaining about the other half of the poem....but just telling how much i loved the first ones..... :)

  2. Very nice Pushpa!
    It's very touching! :)

  3. Well I am poetry challenged(Yeah I don't understand it) but had write a comment here u see...

  4. nice one Pushpee..I very rarely understand poems; but this was was simple and nice..good luck :)

  5. Good one Push-p! :)
    Loved the feel it brought to the reader...mE!!! :)

  6. Pushpa I hate tears...Khanna saab would have waxed eloquence.

    The poem sets the mood ,and the choice of words accentuate the feeling. I think the tenderness of it all was very well etched.

  7. Very nice. You have really put effort in improvising from first draft.

  8. What if ..this goes on to win! Hehe, Loved your Pushpoetry!! :D

    Go Triber!

  9. amazing work pushee...simple and beautiful

  10. Delightful, Pushy :-)

  11. That was a lovely poem!

    Loved the way you write!

  12. //Would we flutter our blinks
    Like butterfly wings
    Dancing in trance to melodious rings// beautifullllll :)
    Loved your style of writing :)
    Lovely poem there :)

  13. Loved the rhymes.. :)
    And u have made love so tangible Pushpee..pluck, touch, cuddle...:)

  14. @Hitesh,Tavish, Niveditha, Dmanji, Neha,Gurneet,wordsdreamz,evanescentthoughts Pal, Thank you so much for your kind words
    @Sree..glad to know it made u feel hehehee :)
    @Gyan, I hate tears too Heehee :) helps :)
    @Arif I wished too :)
    @Anuradha, Pins n Ashes...thanks for liking the lines, I enjoyed writing too

    After posting my poem, I went away for a holiday and have just returned to see ur kind words
    Thank you all so much

    sorry I was not able to visit your blog to read ur post but will surely do as soon as possible....Thank you all so much


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