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Thursday, 24 June 2010

How they make perfect omelets

Do You know to make an omelet? Ask the professional to make it for you. Smart move!!

If you can read the pictures you may follow the procedure.

During my recent trip to Darjeeling, mornings I looked forward to ‘live’ breakfast…haahaha. That’s what the food counter said…’Live Breakfast’ and live was that chef would make for you the omelet the way you like…half fry-sunny side up or plain omelet. I would always ask for same omelet with lots of chillies and onions, although there was a great variety of food on display, I had no appetite to eat any other spicy, heavy stuff like puri bhaji, idli sambar, or any other delicacies so early in the mornings. Normally at home, my breakfast is just a glass of fresh juice. But since I was on holiday, and since I didn’t have to make the breakfast for myself, (yeah, I am too lazy sometimes) I was okay with having breakfast in the mornings. But everyday I stuck to the same menu: egg omelet, baked potatoes, salad and fresh juice; and that kept me cheerful till the lunch time.

While I ate, I couldn’t help looking at other tables and would be surprised with the amount of food that people could eat at every meal. Their plates would be overflowing with food and it got me thinking that must we abuse our stomach just because we have paid for a buffet meals??? Is it so important to taste every dish on display at every meal??? I would watch them help themselves with assorted meals second time, and sometimes third servings!!!

One of our friends in the group was a Jain, and her strict diet of ‘no root’ vegetable restricted her meals. She would order special meals for herself and while she waited for those special meals, she would start munching on bread, jam, sweet dish, fruits and everything that was permitted by her religion. When the food arrived, it would be of big quantity and although she would over eat, still most of it would go waste. At every meal, she would attract attention to herself and throw temper tantrums, (much to our embarrassment) if they didn’t provide her food on time.

I fail to understand why people give so much importance to food. For me, food is just a necessity to remain healthy. If chanced upon eating good food in a fancy restaurant, I might relish, but for me, simple home cooked meal is a delightful treat.


  1. Home cooked food. *loves*

    For some its exploration .
    To some its experimentation.

  2. yeah and for some..its something to splurge on... :))
    Thanks for passing by... :))

  3. "I fail to understand why people give so much importance to food. For me, food is just a necessity to remain healthy."

    True but good food is an addiction.

  4. Well, I am a food blogger, so I LOVE food and by that I don't mean quantity, I mean variety and quality food. :)

  5. I like home cooked food for the very simple reason, it contain the oil of my choice, the spices in moderation and taste..heavenly....

    thank you for sharing your thoughts @snowleopard and Sanchita :)

  6. Yes, I've been to Darjeeling too. I went last year, I was so interested in the momos I never cared for what and how they make it! And this will help my Mum to better her skills too! :D

  7. so true, the buffet bit just got bak sm memories :P .. good read


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