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Friday, 16 July 2010

Today I am in a phunny mood!

During my last visit to China, I noticed that nobody smiled and I was thinking are they stressed out? All had tight lips sealed from corner to corner, not a curve anywhere, as if their lips were glued in position and were afraid of some kind of punishment if they dared to smile.

So you would think there is no humor in china

There! You are wrong again.

They have fantastic sense of humor only they don’t see it

But they truly have phunny translator who do justice to our language

Justice to English?

Well! why not?

Have you travelled by bus in China? No?

Then next time you visit China, please do travel by bus and if you are lucky you will be travelling in the same bus as I did, which had this threatening note just above the dashboard.

The bus is running? and I am not supposed to spam seats? How do we spam seats? Mess around? Oh never mind…..

Sitting in stable?… ....I am reminded of horses….

Never spreading arms and body? How do we spread our body outside the window?

I might try to..but my size is not as thin as Chinese size. .maybe they use window to exit from the bus? Er?

Going up and taking off?? Is there some short cut to heaven?

It was my first day in China, first ride and the humor had just begun

I did enjoy my stay in China…the humor was behind those closed lips...humor zipped behind those lips..hahaha.... Lucky lips!


  1. ROTFL! :D

    It's like all the signboards here!
    And chinese can't emote, even if they were smiling I'm sure you couldn't have noticed it! :D

  2. hahahaa..there u r right ...maybe Nive..but actually they are quite kharooos...some of them...really :))

  3. Nice post...Sorry to be rude but they suffer from a form of tetanus - locked jaw! :)
    Came here via WeBlog and am following you.

  4. Thanks Corrine...tetanus jaw? u said that...hahahhahaa..never thought of that...100 percent right..I was so bugged when they did not return my greeting..the sign in the bus cheered me up..hehehee :))


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