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Monday, 13 September 2010

Elements in our nature

During one of the sessions at the workshop that I was attending on Management Development Program, we were divided into five groups representing five elements in nature: Space, air, water, fire and earth.

Each group had to write the qualities most suitable for that element.

The groups came up with wonderful results

The characteristics of space could be free, creative, curious, mysterious, limitless with no boundaries

That of fire is heat, uncontrollable distruction, aggressive, rising upwards, bright light, contagious. Can spread easily, calmed by water

The characteristics of water is free flowing, mingles with anything and get molded in it, always flowing downwards, creative,

Those of Earth is stable, firm, trust-worthy, firm

And that of air is free, creative, adventurous, daring, and open to ideas, more accommodating, universal and versatile.

These characteristic were then compared with humans and how the presence of elements in person shapes the person’s character. That explains that why we can jell with few people and other we cannot tolerate. A person with more of 'air ' element is more creative and he might find it difficult to understand the person with 'earth' element who may be stubborn and with strict values.

It is easy to be tolerant to people if we just understand what elements are stronger in them and what is the reason behind person’s behavior. Our personality is the combination of five elements, some elements stronger than the others. If we work against our nature then there is conflict and then stress and then depression.

We then wrote a bit about ourselves and I made the list of my own characteristics

Looking within, I discovered that I am creative, I cannot repeat anything twice, many times people ask me to make the same food I cannot reproduce the same taste…I like to lead and inspire people, I can make decisions independently. I am caring and more accommodating to other’s needs and am willing to walk an extra mile to make somebody smile. I am outgoing type and love adventure, like to try new stuff and am willing to take risk. I make few selected friends and look for long durable friendship. I never talk to people just for time-pass, I would rather read a book. On the negative side I am too sensitive and sometimes a recluse.

Thus, I discovered that I have more of air and water element. I keep away from people with fire element, because I hate loud noises and aggressive people and those with earth element who are stubborn and unwilling to go with the flow.

So, what element is stronger in you??

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