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Sunday, 17 October 2010

What a man likes in a woman

My BIL spends most of his evenings with his friends on the terrace, they sit togather, drinking, snacking and chatting.Today since my sister had gone off to a temple for Mata Devi darshan, I went with him to the terrace. I was sitting with his friends, enjoying the cool breeze and just listening to their conversation without taking part in any of their chat.

His friend, a baldy one in late 60s, was talking of his youth when he had to choose a bride for himself , he says...

At a marriagable age, I told my mom very clearly that there are three things that I will expect from the girl whom I marry.


She should not be too bony around her neck area, because when I wear her a diamond necklace it should look nice on her neck, if she is too bony then the necklace will look tilted and lop-sided


When she smiles, there should be no gums visible, it looks very ugly then they have smaller teeth and large pink gums staring at you


She should have etiquettes and must not do funny things with her scratching unnecessarily, picking her nose or rubbing her face

Hahahaahaha!! What a creep!!!

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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