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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Blind Faith in Mathura

Temple made of Italian Marble imported from Italy

In Mathura there are more than 600 temples and more are built each year, some of these temples are really beautiful and if you are looking for a good architecture, you can feast your eyes on them.

Unfortunately some people believe that God resides there.

As far as I know, God does not exist in stone structures, neither in temples nor in idols. He is there with us, 24x7, inside us in the form of light and He can be reached anytime when we wish to see Him. We can feel Him, hear Him, know His presence and the miracles that happen in our life are the proof that he exists within us.

Yes, there is need for a guide to recognize God, We all need Master to show us the path to go inside and find Him through a proper channel but the real Master will not weigh you with money to show you the path, he will guide you so that you are able to understand the right method through meditation, the right discipline and then leave you alone to follow the path.

Yet, there is a blind faith of some spiritual people who think that God resides in these concrete structures and can be reached through a medium, either through some spiritual person, or through a pundit. There are many pundits in Mathura who cash on this stupidity of people. Thanks to the blind faith of spiritual people, the pundits own 5-bedroom-villas on the outskirts of Mathura.

Surprised? Well I am not lying because I actually visited one!

The car-rental people have understanding with the pundits and they too have their share for bringing ‘client’ to them. I had warned my family about this but they did not believe me till they got tricked.

The car-rental driver suggested ‘Gokul’ when my family expressed their desire to see temples of Mathura and the family went to ‘Gokul’. They got mobbed by pundits who promised to pray for peace of their loved one who were no more. They came back stunned; each one with empty pockets all had shelled out thousands of rupees without realizing that they were being tricked.

As long as people have a blind faith, the pundits will have a field day. Some will give willingly and some out of fear.

How does one help humanity in a practical way, if the middle person always cheats, dissolving our trust?

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