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Friday, 6 April 2012

Housefull2 will be Housefull only on First Day First Show just wait and watch.....

I don’t know why I fall into a trap, but I do, sometimes when I see promos of the film, and start to believe that it’s going to tickle my funny bone.

My friend books the tickets in the cheapest theatre of my neighborhood, (yeah Geity-Galaxy, what else?) ah well! Rs80 for the balcony ticket is not bad…which specializes in hooting and shouting even before the show has begun. A rowdy crowd whistles and hoots even during trailers and promos of the films, and this is expected form this kind of cinema hall, but my friend likes this kinda noise, even my NRI cousin had liked this kinda rowdiness....and said it added jest to the cinema viewing....

“Comedy,” she said, “it’s best watching humor with all that laughter and madness in the audience”

So humor was what was expected….the only problem that this humor was not at all funny.

Only madness…

Screaming in high decibels and fighting, thrashing and lying, nobody tolerates nobody and all living under one roof…too much confusion……….

The dirty dozen, and not one is sane, silly acting and silly dialogues/ script,  the real talent of Rishi Kapoor, Bomen Irani and Mithun clearly wasted

An item number girl is hired to create feud between two best friends

So what is the confusion?

Every scene in the film is played twice…. One friend wants to take the revenge of the insult meted to his father, takes a help of a friend who is multimillionaire, who is a coward and afraid of his father, and has no guts to introduce his girl friend to his father. Both hire their dishonest friends to dupe two greedy brothers who want their daughters to get married to the richest man. There are four women with no talent just bare skin, gyrating and clinging and singing and dancing. (I couldn’t decide who’s who, they all looked so much alike, in height and weight and no acting at all)

Overall it is suffice to say that it’s the story of four fathers, each wants richest son-in-law, each daughter thinks that she is marring the son of the richest man and the four men, desperately trying to pacify the richest man in accepting the bride for his son, which is again another confusion in seeing the mismatched couple….sorry…I m confused too….

My nephew calls me to asks whether the second half of the movie was good….he said he couldn’t see all that bakwas in one go…He watched till interval....”It was very annoying” he said

If comedy is screaming and shouting silly, uninterrupted nonsense fun for you, then don't miss housefull2

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