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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Marathon Bloggers prompt 4- Disaster

It’s been long time, since I serviced my AC. I have called a technician several times but he doesn’t seem to care. He promise to come but he never turn up. If we don’t service our appliances regularly, they are destined to get worse.
Two week ago, my neighbor gave me a contact of another AC service guy. She said he is very reasonable, will charge only Rs150 for cleaning. I have called him several times, but cannot get through his number too.  Since few days, the fan is also troublesome; it needs a nudge with a stick to start. In this weather of warm and sticky, AC and Fan, both act funny, its disaster.
Today morning, another problem, it was fridge that suddenly stopped working. So here I was calling this fridge technician to come and solve this problem.
If the technician can repair a fridge then he can repair AC and the fan too, right?
I told him to fix all the problems.
The fridge and fan, each needs a new accessory, AC needs gas and cleaning.
Plus I am not sure if he will replace with an original accessory or something fake made in China.
China has really destroyed the market of India. We don’t seem to get any authentic stuff. Everything is the imitation. The appliances need replacement of parts too often. There is no guarantee.
Technician says that he is not making any profit. Who is making money then?
Earlier people were honest, now there is too much greed. Nobody is sincere- neither a professional doctor, engineer, lawyer nor an ordinary technician, everybody out to cheat. Whom can we trust?
I am poorer by Rs5000 without stepping out of my house. Too much inflation now, thanks to China market flooding our Indian streets. We spend money but are never sure how soon the problem will re-occur. If he has cheated me, then he will not come back to replace it, I will have a task of searching a new technician again.


  1. Three weeks ago I noticed the fan speed regulator overheating. Called an electrician who did a wonderful job of changing a defective tubelight, fixing a couple of faulty switches, and to my amazement, fixing the leakage from the toilet cistern. We paid him well, though it sounded like robbery. It turned out the replacement of the fan speed controller ( it has no name of manufacturer, just a legend in bold letters saying Speed Controller). This one stopped working in two days it runs only at highest speed, at all other speeds, it fumes). The guy does not answer the phone.
    When I went looking for a decent fan speed regulator, I was shown the same or similar nameless or fake duplicates. With my 40+ years in Indian industry, I would not put the blame solely on China because I have used 1000s of duplicate spares and components made in Delhi- if you go to old Delhi markets they deal ONLY in fake parts nothing else. Once I was shown an entire Bajaj scooter, each part a fake, which was a thoroughbred fake !
    One section of Indian society got very rich, long before Chinese invaded us with their fakes.

  2. Yeah true..if money is what they r after..they will buy cheap stuff n sell as original with better rates. For ppl like us who only trust become fools easily :((

  3. I have long been discussing this issue on and off with friends , how people now a days do not work good even after you pay them well. Once , more money meant better services. no more :(

  4. Things might not improve...the technician was telling me not to sell my fridge n buy a new one cause new ones are made in China n have very low shelf life...


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