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Monday, 27 May 2013

Marathon Bloggers Prompt Post 1 – Colors -Fractal Art.

I am in creative mood.
Many years ago, in moods like these, I normally would take the paints and color the walls of my room. There were many such patches on the wall with blotches of paints here and there. Some near my bedside, some on the table, some behind the doors and some even in the stairways. But that was long time ago.
I can’t possibly do that now. Can I?
But still I do get creative sometimes, and since most of my time is spend on digital activities, photoshop comes closest to honing my creative spirit.

Working on few layers, with blotches of colors here and there, playing with vector design, I was able to create this fractal art.
This gave me an idea to work on an eye.

Quite happy with this frame, I decide to work on this eye on many layers.
In every layer, I played with transformation, changing the width, length and angle of the design. Added filters to some layers  and a circular 3-D effect

Voila! Finally made a visual digital fractal painting that looked like this.


  1. Lovely process and striking art Pushpa! will return here later. Lina

  2. wow look at that eye! u sure are creative lady!

  3. Thank u Lina..glad u liked it :))

  4. That 2nd picture is so striking, loved the contrasts!! :)

  5. Wonderful! Where do you live, Pushpa? I've got to see some more of your stuff.

  6. Thank u Simran...i I enjoyed working om it too :))

  7. Thank u Jandy..i live in Mumbai..u r most welcome to visit me..also u can see my art work on FB in my album 'Step in my art gallery' i have most ofy work posted there ;))

  8. Thank you Pallavi..glad you liked it :))

  9. This is absolutely beautiful!!


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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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