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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Jameos Del Agua Caves In Lanzarote

Caves are boring places unless you like romancing the stones. It’s so dark and gloomy deeper inside the cave that one is afraid of tripping on rocks. Many years ago, I had visited ‘Howes caves’ in Albany, deep down some 156 feet under ground. I remember going down in the elevator. Except for that adventurous boat ride and some carving inside, it was just a dark enclosure.
Therefore when I stood outside ‘Jameos Del Agua’ in Lanzarote, I didn’t know what to expect. I was expecting one more cave with a boat ride. People warned me to be careful while walking down the steep steps. I was in two minds, should I go or should I not? There were wooden rails for support, the minute I stepped down few steps I was transported in a different world. A soft Lute (Pipa) music echoed inside the caves.

The influence of the local artist Cesar Manrique is inescapable on Lanzarote. A Jameos is a collapsed lava tunnel and the Jameos del Agua forms part of the largest such tube in the world. Locals used it as a rubbish tip before Manrique transformed it into a stunning concert venue and nightclub.
I walked down the steep steps, resting at regular intervals at the stone benches and chairs before continuing my walk. Part of the cave is below sea level and therefore it is filled with seawater that percolates through the permeable rock. The pool is inhabited with species of blind albino crab that is unique to Lanzarote.

There was an impressive auditorium inside the cave with proper seating arrangement. If you climb down then you must climb up and that was the difficult part. I needed help to climb up the huge rocks to reach to the other side of the caves. 

I was rewarded with most beautiful view of pristine and bright swimming pool. Few more stone steps up and I need coffee to wet my dry throat and refresh a bit.
Exploring Lanzarote: part 4
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