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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lonavala Greets The Group Of Pretty Women

Remember the time when I jumped over the school wall to be in time for school prayers and I got punished for that?”

“And you remember the time when our class teacher came home to complain to my mom about my naughtiness at school and you defended me?’

“I used to love the two plaits, folded neatly and I really admired you for your interest in sports

I sat listening to the conversation of 12 grown up women in late fifties who travelled back four decades and were nostalgic about the times way back when they were in school together. I was invited by my friend to spend out-station picnic (reunion) at Lonavala with her school friends from St Teresa’s School, Santacruz.

Forty years have passed but the memories are fresh. Each one with a story of their own, the different experiences, some happy, some sad, but the comfort level was high and much too much laughter. The conversation was punctuated with music of the late 60’s and early 70’s and talk about their crush over the famous Bollywood star of that era, Rajesh Khanna, as they gyrated their body with seductive gestures singing “Roop tera mastana….Pyar tera diwana..bhool na koi hamse ho ja ye…”

I was in the midst of women, who preferred to sit cuddled in the room than to venture out on rainy wet streets, who preferred to cook the comfort food of Dhal, potatoes, rice and spicy pickle rather than to sit in a fancy restaurant and eat the unhealthy food, who preferred to sip slowly on red, fruity Sangria concocted to a perfect flavor.

Most of the time was spent at home in a beautiful cozy bungalow, ethnically furnished, surrounded with greenery and fresh air. There was aroma of freshly brewed coffee that escaped from well-stocked kitchen and kept us in good spirit.  Just a small fraction of our time was used to take a quick ride to the city to do a bit of shopping and to see those large gushing waterfalls. But there too, the child in them transported them to bathe under strong sparkling waterfalls, with slippery rocks to stand on. They came back with the bruises on their body (having lost their balance on slippery rocks), completely drenched, leaving a puddle of water wherever they stood, their clothes clinging to their body exposing their pale skin and a playful smirk on their faces.

In the group of like minded people, it was easy to share stories, to lay back and enjoy the game of ‘GK quiz’, a ‘Bingo’ and ‘Passing The Parcel’(with naughty punishments, like seductive belly dance or bold daring gestures) and winning gift was presented to the best performer. 

The time ticked too quickly, packing to head back home arrived too soon. Saying Goodbye is always painful but all good things come to an end. I sit here now, in solitude, on my own, but the wonderful memories brighten up my day.

I play the movie on U-tube to refresh the lovely time spend with girls from St. Teresa's School.........  You can watch on the link at tube . Thank you girls for letting me peep into your friendly world..May your friendship prosper till the last breath of your life.......

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