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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Themed Welcome Party at Krabi

During my recent trip to Krabi, one of the occasions that I truly enjoyed during the wedding celebrations was ‘The Welcome Party’.

It was the family wedding I was attending, and welcome party is the occasion where one gets to meet new family members and friends. Naturally, to break the ice, one had to be innovative. Every occasion had a theme, but the welcome party had an interesting theme. There was a dress code for fancy dress; the guests were expected to dress in the character that begins with the first alphabet of their name.

Since the first letter of my name begins with ‘P’ I decided to dress up as a Peacock. That would mean, looking for peacock feathers, stitching a proper dress and doing the right make-up. I was able to find peacock feathers at an art store. I stitched the feathers on my blouse that was dark blue with pink embroidery. My friend had gifted me a bunch of about 24 peacock feathers to take it with me to Krabi. It would look good to use them as a cape and maybe dance. But my brother warned me against it. He said it was illegal to carry peacock feather to Thailand. I am too afraid to do anything illegal and hiding it in my suitcase (as some friends advised) was the risk I was unwilling to take. Therefore it was just few feathers here and there. My cousin volunteered to do eye make-up and that was good enough for me.

So I went to party in long netted pink skirt, a long scarf, peacock-feathered blue blouse and colorful makeup with feathers stuck over my brows and some in the hair band.

I was satisfied with my appearance till I met others. There was creativity everywhere, some dressed up as TV characters, some as deities, some as Hollywood stars and some even as fruits.

My niece was dressed up like a doll with a proper eye-makeup, and beautiful blond hair. It looked strange to look into her eyes, they looked like glass eyes and she kept blinking like dolls do. 

Sometimes I had to look really hard to recognize the face. My niece made funny faces and actually resembled Crazy Susan that we have seen in TV serials.

My cousin was dressed up as Charlie Chaplain, and he walked, limping all the time, cracking joke mostly one-liners.

Everybody was in a crazy mood, clicking pictures in every pose, saving the memories for another day. Every guest was dressed boldly in a fancy dress, each matching the first initial of their name with the respective character they represented.

The party had just begun….

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