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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Book Launch of Echoes of Earth by L. Sue Baugh

When my niece suggested that we go for a book launch of ‘Echoes of Earth’ by L.Sue.Baugh to her local library at Evanston, Illinois, I was expecting a panel discussion with the author followed by book signing at the end of the session.

But when we arrived at the library, we were ushered to a small-enclosed room and the author was in discussion of her book through slide show. Her book documents some of the oldest rock and mineral sites in Western Australia, Greenland, NW Canada and the United States.

I sat there enamored by her pictures as I travelled with her virtually through vast isolated landscape, through huge rocks and isolated islands.  I have never before looked so closely at the rocks, but the red rocks of Mt Narryer, huge rocks at Grand Canyon, intricate designs of Blacktail Canyon were mesmerizing. The author tried to explain through her stunning photographs how the nature had moved her, and the personal connection between Earth’s long history and our human bodies. She stressed on the fact that minerals that lie within rocks also lie deep in our bones and ancient life is within our cells.

There was no book signing session because there were just few copies of her book and they got picked up in a minute, but author was confident that she had aroused enough interest in the audience to order her book online.

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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