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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Centennial Olympic Park Is a Lovely Spot To Visit In Atlanta.

The first thing that attracted me as I approached the Centennial Olympic Park was the voice of the singer, Tina P as she performed in the concerts on the recreation side of the park at Southern Company Amphitheater.

It could be heard all the way for quite a distance  till we reached the ‘Fountain of Rings’, and then I got distracted with the children playing in the interactive water sprinklers. We had just missed the 6:30 session of computer-controlled lights and jets of water that synchronizes with music. But it fun, watching young kids in the water play area that consists of 251 jets over five large olympics rings.

There were different flags surrounding the fountain area, that represented the host countries of each summer Olympics preceding the 1996 games.

Eight 65 foot tall light towers reminds me of classical Greek marker columns.

There were several pieces of sculptures scattered through the park.

The walking path was paved with small engraved bricks, alternating light and dark red, with short messages, bought by people who supported by contributing towards the cost for construction of this park.

We sat in the park for sometimes and then walked on the other side to enjoy the excellent views of the park and the surrounding area in a joy ride on the 200 foot ferris wheel, till the sun begun to settle down.

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