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Sunday, 16 August 2015

In and Around Navy Pier In Chicago

Back home in India, we don’t go out in the afternoons because it’s sunny, and too warm to go out. We would rather sit in AC rooms than roam on the streets, but here, in America, summer is a blessing in disguise. Enjoyed only for three months in a year, its an happy occasion  something to enjoy with friends and relatives, There is cheerfulness everywhere, the roads are filled with people dressed in vibrant, warm colors, cotton shirts, short pants, and comfortable foot ware. Everybody is in holiday mood.

Navy Pier is the place where we see people spend the whole day involved in  various activities. Originally designed for shipping and recreational purpose, now there are various entertainments and exposition facilities.

Cousin said that there is air and water show along the lakefront from Fullerton to Oak Street, with North Avenue Beach serving as show center.  It would feature a wide variety of military and civilian aerial demonstration teams with pilots performing their stunts in the skies above Chicago. It sounded exciting. But there was too traffic jam everywhere, and that was a let down. I got a brief glimpse from my car window, but getting off at sea front seemed impossible.

By the time we reached Navy Pier, the show was over. We got off on the main road and walked towards the main building. Many people preferred to walk, but for those who was looking for extra fun, there was cycling and fun rides around the park.

The Terminal Building, so named because it was once a streetcar terminal dominated the sea front. Inside this building, there was children’s museum, shopping arcade, multiplex and food court.

We climbed up the stairs to see Crystal Garden, It was a large restaurant with palm trees and waterfalls, but it was closed on that day to the public as it was being prepared for late evening private dinner. 

Behind the terminal building was the huge Ferris wheel rising up to 150 feet. This Ferris wheel can carry the maximum of 240people.  This wheel is a recreation of the very first Ferris Wheel which was erected in Chicago in 1893.

I love sitting by the shore and enjoying the view, the weather was perfect. Most of our time was spent sitting on the bench, chatting and watching the boats ply up and down with eager tourists standing in long queues.

For me, just staring at the waters and the open skies with concrete skyline was a bliss.

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