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Sunday, 27 December 2015

ReDevelopment -Part 5 - Sample Flat

It seemed only yesterday (although one year has passed) that I moved out from my home to a rented flat and saw my old 50-years-old building crumble down to ashes. A new foundation stone was laid, and the walls were raised again. The year went by, some months spent in recovering from pain (due to post operative care) and then a long four months tour around USA.

I came back to see the new structure rise up to fourteen stories. The name has been changed from ‘Daulat Baugh’ to ‘Satguru Shlok’ The work has been immaculately done and details have been added to ensure quality. We were asked to come and inspect the sample flat.

I am not easy to please. I am happy with the construction and the materials used in the sample flat, the walls, the fixtures, the style, everything is good but am very disappointed with the size of the rooms. I walked from room to room, maneuvered over the  length and the breath of the rooms, how would I accommodate the furniture into the small space?

The trick is to minimise our possessions, but how do we throw away the stuff that has been collected over the years? What not does the person need? I am making the list in my head and there are clothes, shoes, bedsheets, towels, utensils, bags, art work, sewing kits, books, the list is endless.

Maybe I am too spoilt. I hate borrowing things and like to have everything that is required in the house for comfortable living. My relationship with family and friends is good and I often entertain. With such small houses, entertaining becomes difficult.

That means I will have to change my living style.

Do not complain, I am told, be grateful that you have a new house with all state-of-art affairs like swimming pool around the podium, walking track on the terrace and millions of plants and lights around the building. Building will be the pride of the neighbors and every person will be awed by its beauty.

That’s the promise.

Compromise, compromise, compromise…that’s what is expected from me.


  1. I loved your old place but the building was crumbling, so I am happy you will be safely ensconced now. With so much warmth and a welcoming big heart, you don't need much possessions in life, Pushpee. Happy for you on the quality of life and environs and I hope you still have that pot of Sindhi kadhi when I visit you next.

  2. I understand your dilemma completely! I've been house hunting lately and it's driven me crazy. Cut down, yes, but how much? And a high ceiling isn't too much to ask for!

  3. thank you Rupa, waiting anxiously for your next visit to my home...pot of Sindhi Kadhi will always be there :))

  4. hunting is a big pain Tarika..been there done that...Thank u for understanding :) hope you will find ur house soon :)


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