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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Air trip from Mumbai to Kolkata

“Okay! Now move over, I need window seat”
“But you asked for aisle seat”
“Oh! I forgot, I wanted window seat actually”
“You know you are not suppose to take pictures from airplane”
“For security reasons”
“But I am not a terrorist, I just clicked for remembrance”
“What remembrance? That you once travelled in an airplane?”
“Grrh! I have traveled hundreds of times; just want a birds eye view of Mumbai and Kolkata”
“On one condition”
“That you don’t talk after every picture that you take and irritate me”
“Fine, promise”
“Look, click that one”
"Oh My God!Mumbai airport looks neat!
"Yeah! it does"

“Did you remove that one?”
"Look! Look! Look! the river is there"
"Yep, I can see that"

“And that one”
“Yeah! I am clicking”
"Mumbai buildings look like matchboxes na"
"Yeah! they do"

“You have the correct angle? Huh?”
"Kolkata has so many trees"

"Oh yeah we are landing, click, click, click, click na"

“Look there is Kolkata”
“I know, Ma!”

Finally, the trip was good...let me check the pictures please.
You are sometimes so clumsy, If I were not there ,you would remove all faltu pictures.

True! Sigh!


  1. Are you in Kolkata??? :O :O :O

    P.S. Good pics! ;)

  2. I was there last week, on my way to Darjeeling and Sikkim...thanks :))


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