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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mumbai Rains

Every morning, since last ten days, I am dressed to go out to complete some errands like marketing and a visit to the bank. Before stepping out, I look up in the sky, the thick dark clouds are very discouraging, I change my mind. 
I am restless.
It is raining non-stop. I am not very brave to venture out in heavy rains. The recent fracture was very inconvenient and had me home bound for three months. The memory of pain has not yet faded away. I am afraid to go out on wet streets. The roads in Mumbai are slippery. There is puddle everywhere. I am always afraid of losing my balance. 
My errands can wait. But how long? 
This Sunday I decided to go to my sister’s place for lunch. Sundays is family time. I am too lazy to cook and spending time with my sister’s family is always a better option. 

It was raining heavily. I could have called my nephew to come and fetch me but then ruled out against it. I decided to hail an auto-rickshaw instead. Walking slowly at snail’s pace, puffing at every step, I reached down to the gate, and was surprised to see stream of water running closer to the footpaths. I stood at curb, waving at every auto-rickshaw. None was willing to go in the direction that I wished to go.

I decided to walk. Taking each step slowly, under heavy rains, balancing an umbrella and my handbag I waded through water. “Go back home, go back home” my inner voice prompted me. Many times I was tempted to turn back to the comfort of my home. The umbrella served no support against strong winds and rain. Soon I was drenched from head to toe by passing vehicles that splashed water from the puddle on my clothes.

Cool, wet breeze blew against my face. Suddenly I realized that I was enjoying the walk in the rain.

Memories of childhood cascaded in my mind. I love rain and have walked in the rain many times. During my growing up years, I never missed school if it was raining.  Many times have run down the steps into building compound to get drenched in the first showers of the rain.  There have been long bike rides with my friends under dark skies to the lakes. The sound of the rain is music to my ears. Mumbai city gets paralyzed during monsoon, it’s nothing new but I have walked in heavy rains in the past and have enjoyed every moment of it.

The same wave of pleasure enveloped me once again.

I walked in the rain for quite a distance till I found an auto-rickshaw.

Finally I saw Venice on the linking road.

People continued to go about their business, rain scares nobody

A common sight of vehicles that refuse to cooperate.

The little time I spent walking in the rain is the moment that remains etched in my mind. Maybe I should walk again.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Architecture in Barcelona

The first time I drove around the city of Barcelona, I was fascinated with the architecture in the city. While Gaudi’s influence is not always visible in modern architecture, the colors and the styles are prominent and spectacular. The risk has been taken in designing the city and in using bright colors.

Natural shapes inspired Gaudi that can be seen at Sagrada Familia basilica that has different architectural style on its four sides.

But other architects have also been brave in designing the building which are now the tourist delight.

It was amazing to see that building at corners had flat edges, thus making the street corners big enough to have terraces for communal and sociable atmosphere.

Traditional Catalan Gothic style is seen in many of the old buildings that are a feast to the eyes.

One can spend hours touring round the city, in the comfort of the car, just admiring the beauty of the architecture everywhere.

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