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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Lost in Wilderness: Part 1

I stand in the darkness, behind the veil of my mind, fighting with my own attributes buried deep inside me, desperately trying to find answers. All kinds of thoughts flood my mind and I am confused. Have I have hurt somebody unintentionally? I am the type of person who takes things lightly, and cast away the minor problems, all in jest. Jokes come easy to me. People who know me well, dote on me and never take my comments on a personal level, because they understand that I mean no harm and my opinions are made from my candid observations, comments made on the spur of that moment and not carried forward, but those, who know me not, do not understand me and may feel insulted by my off-handed behaviour.
Wrong thinking brings negativity in my life.
You may say “There is nothing wrong or right, who is to decide?” Its all perception of the mind. What may be wrong for one person may be completely right for other, and vice versa, how are we to judge who is right and who is wrong?
I think wrong is the intention, the motive, with which the evil deed is performed. If the intention is to bring harm, pain and injustice in other people’s life, then you are clearly wrong in your action. Wrong is also manipulations, conceit, breaking the trust of a friend. It all bounces back and brings pain, not only to others but to self too.
In the first Chapter of Gita, Arjuna is in turmoil, he is not sure whether it is right or wrong to engage in the big fight. The war is between Kauravas and Pandavas, between good and evil. He seeks the advise of Lord Krishna to guide him in making the proper decision and get that courage to fight
Geeta points out that the ‘Kauravas’ hundreds in number, represent the innumerable ungodly forces of negative tendencies within Man’s bosom, and ‘Pandavas’ represent the divine impulses in him. A constant ‘Mahabharata war’ is being waged within every one of us at all our crucial moments of action between the negative and positive tendencies within us. Geeta teaches us that if the same is organised fully and brought about under the guidance of the Supreme Lord ‘Krishna’, the Self, our intellect, they can easily be ushered into true and permanent victory over the outnumbering forces of lust and greed.
So today I start, under guidance of Geeta and few selected close friends to discuss, review and understand the deeper layers of Geeta and unfold the mysteries of life.
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