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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

And now he is dead. Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon was one of my favorite authors. His novels always inspired me. Every time I read his book, I would live in a different world, for some time at least, I would try to imitate and identify with the protagonist who was talented and capable and retained her femininity. At one time, I almost believed, that I too, would triumph in a hostile world of ruthless men. Such was the influence of his books on me. His character always looked real. He prided himself in the authenticity of his novels. He remarked in 1987: ``If I write about a place, I have been there. If I write about a meal in Indonesia, I have eaten there in that restaurant. I don't think you can fool the reader.'' For ``Windmills of the Mind,'' which dealt with the CIA, he interviewed former CIA chief Richard Helms, traveled to Argentina and Romania and spent a week in Junction City, Kan., where the heroine had lived. I would pride myself with collection of his books and would always recommend my friends to buy their own copy because I hated sharing or lending. ‘Other side of the Midnight’ being one of my favorite ones.

Monday, 29 January 2007

I am bored!

I get up in the morning feeling dull, looking into the mirror I feel my frizzy hair and think should I comb it or let it be, but since I have to answer the doorbell if the milk man come I must look good nah, or else he will deliver all curdy and stale milk for me and then I may not have the fresh milk for the whole day, unless I decide to go to the milk booth and get the fresh supply, but I hate going out early in the morning, taking a walk and falling into the potholes, we have so many pothole in Mumbai that we don’t need to go for trekking man, all we do is just walk down the potholed street and if you fall you can stay at home, just ring up the boss and tell him you are not coming to work if the boss does not believe, you tell him to come at home and see you in plaster, okay you don’t get injured so badly but if you walk carelessly enough there is good chance that you can fall then you can easily blame the BMC, okay you can click the picture of your injured body and take it to the polling booth when they have election man then you can threaten them that if they don’t repair those potholes then you are not going to vote for them, scare them real hard, or maybe they don’t know what is the meaning of smooth road, tell them to make a trip to Chandigrah, I am told that they have smooth roads there, well they could learn to make smooth roads from Chandigarh…otherwise I m not voting for BMC in Mumbai, I am serious, man, I am tired of applying ointment to my fractured bones, nowadays all medicines are so expensive and why must I spend so much money on medicine, let BMC pay me for medicines at least, if they cannot repair the roads then they should distribute medicines like ‘Iodex’ or ‘moove’ or any other medicine at every cross road, I cannot understand how so many people enjoy going for walks, in Mumbai, forget it, there is really no place to walk, you go to park, the path is uneven, I think even if horses were to gallop on these mud tracks they would trip, so uneven, man, and what about linking road, the main shopping lane in Mumbai, there are hawkers sitting in each crater selling their wares, and every shopper is limping while shopping, I ask the people on the road whether they always limp like that and they tell, me that they had their fresh fall recently, everybody proudly declares that they have a injury from a fall on the road, I mean, those who don’t fall on these road feel very useless, I mean, if the roads were smooth then everybody would have no reason to walk, it is because of this uneven roads the people are taking long, long walks and when they meet their friends on the road they don’t greet in their normal ‘Namaste’ mode like they use to in olden days, but instead they show their bruised areas like knees and elbows, some even buttock and compare the size of the bruise. The bigger bruise the better. They, then chat not about the weather but the brand of the medicine which is most recent and most effective. Yesterday I fell on my buttock and bruised it, I will not be able to go out early in the morning to buy the fresh milk, I better comb my hair and give a good smile to the milkman, man, I want to look good nah? Yawn!

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