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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Lalu’s parents in-law are fined for ticketless travel

Lalu Prasad may be the railway minister and seemed to be making profit in the railway industry, but that does not exempt his parents-in-law to travel free in the first class compartment. In India, there is a custom where the father does not even drink water in his daughter’s house after marriage. Maybe that is why, they did not want to take favor from Lalo to give them free tickets from his quota and decided to travel free instead. Hello Mr Chaudary, you can boast of VIP status at your daughter's expense, but buy the ticket when you are traveling, it doesn’t cost much.Huh? Unnecessary you pay fine of Rs1870 and cause so much embarrassment to our dear Lalo Prasad.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Valentine what's a big deal?

Tomorrow is the valentine day, so, what's a big deal? Everybody will make good business, souvenir stores, florists, restaurants and the red dress stores All the young couples will celebrate it with chocolates, flowers, gifts and parties going crazy trying to impress. Middle age couple will go for a quiet candle-lit dinner and the elderly couple might count the change. Singles might enjoy an undisturbed sleep. In love, they say, it's the little things that count. It's also the little things that drive us crazy: cabinet doors and drawers left open; wet towels and dirty clothes molding on the floor; clean clothes folded neatly in piles, but never put away; an already-loaded dishwasher obsessively rearranged; forgetting to flush; TV sports marathons. and what about those loud snoring that keeps us awake all night, those unkempt hair that you are too lazy to comb it? those screaming and shouting and sulking and howling? Some people just can’t change!

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Sugar..Tck! Tck! yuk! not good!

Sugar is sweet and everybody loves it. We can bribe children to come and sit on our lap by just flaunting a sugar candy in front of them. But are we aware how we are harming the health of the child? Candy contain refined sugar sucrose (C12H12O11) produced by multiple chemical processing of cane or beet juice, removing all the fiber and proteins. Excess of which can cause depression, physical anxiety and nervousness. Hardly a thing that we would want our loved one to suffer.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Correct food habits.

The most essential food that is required by our body is fruits, vegetables, sprouts and nuts. These are the only important food that is truly required by our body to remain healthy Our body is alkaline by nature and if we stress our body by eating wrong food then the body gets busy converting acidic to alkaline . We torture our body by eating wrong food like biscuits, chocolates, wafers etc. Health is the sum total of a well-planned diet, exercise, emotional and spiritual well being and concern for the environment. Milk is definitely not useful to our body. It does not contain fiber, nor vitamin c. it is sticky. When we take milk or milk products , they stick to the stomach lining, thus creating acidity. We must also avoid excess salt, junk food, smoking and soft drinks. The bottled drinks contain excessive phosphorus (among other non-nutrients) which again throws the blood into negative calcium balance. And importantly, we must be active. Load bearing exercise like walking, jogging, stair climbing will strengthen our bones to see us into active old age. Sugar is important because it gives us energy but it should be take in its natural form in fruits and vegetables because sugar in its refined form, robs the body of its enzymes and minerals and also places burden on Pancreas. Even the salivary digestion is hampered which results in great strain on our digestive system and leads to digestion problems

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Makar sanskrant is celebrated all over India

Makar sanskrant’ is a very auspicious day for Hindus. I was in Jaipur this time, end of January, when my cousin announced that it was the festive day. “So what happens?’ I asked her. “Oh you must wear yellow on this day. It is very lucky day”, later during the day I was to realize that the day was so auspicious that many wedding were planned on that day. Makar Sankrant is the day when earth, farthest from the sun starts its journey north (Uttarayan) towards the sun, ending the year’s coldest month Paush, beginning the month of Magh. In Sindh, this day is celebrated as an auspicious festival day. People light a bonfire and pray to Agnidevta. The assembled families dance and make merry and chant Shlokas and partake sweets made of Til, singing ‘the cold winter day recede and sun bring the warmth. In Punjab. They celebrate as ‘Lohri’ for better crop. They relish warm chikki, revri and gajjak around the bonfire, the farmers throw puffed rice and popcorns chanting ‘ may poverty vanish and honor come’ In Maharastra, they exchange fried til with gur and greet each other by singing ‘let the friendship between us be sweetened by til and gur’ In Gujarat, they fly kites on this day. In Andhara Pradesh, it is called ‘Pedda Panduranga’ and it lasts for four days In Tamil Nadu it is celebrated as ‘Pongal’ the Prasad is made up of green gram, rice, and gur cooked to mush and represents Lord Narayana, Mahalaxmi and their devine love. It is to remind that we need to establish that Devine love within ourselves and direct our wayward minds towards Lord.

Mr. David Davidar, Penguin Publisher

Penguin Publisher, Mr. David Davidar began his career in journalism and is founder of Penguin Books India. Currently, he is Publisher of Penguin Canada and also is author of the novel, ‘The House of Blue Mangoes’. He was only 26, when Peter Mayer, Chairman of Penguin, world-wide., asked him whether he would be interested in running a new company in India. When he started there were exactly 3 employees in the first year of operations and they invested ten thousand US dollars in the company in 1986 David believes that there is a myth that if you write a novel you’ll become rich, famous, attractive to women, or whatever the case may be, he feels that very few books break out in a way such as ‘God of Small Thing’s and ‘A Suitable Boy’ did, because it is only 1% who get to superstardom, because they won a big prize or it’s an amazing book and enough readers caught on to the fact If we think of the odds, there are about 100,000 books published every year. How can each of those books get to a reader’s attention! If we walk into a bookstore, and we face the first novel that appears and we have no idea what it’s about. There is so much competing for your attention. Most novels sell only about 400 or 500 copies. If it’s a good seller it will sell 5000 copies, if it won an award and got great reviews. He feels that it is only superstars that sell more and superstars are very few and every one knows who they are. The question we need to ask is why are there so few superstars? Why every writer isn’t published famous? There isn’t enough attention available for these writers. So that TV time, radio time, bookstore sales, all mitigate against every writer getting in. People normally approach the publishing house through a literary agent because they are the top filter, and a top agent will go to the publisher and say that he has a wonderful book…he’ll say he’ll read it. But if you approach him directly you probably don’t get through many of the sieves…there are assistants, there are people in the mailroom, and there are book manuscripts at the back because of overflow…everyone thinks they can write a book! His vision for Penguin India is to give India a world-class publishing company which he thinks it has been achieved. His vision of Penguin Canada is to make it the best company of its size anywhere in the world. He feels that we only have only one chance, and we must make the best of it!

Monday, 5 February 2007

Computer advice....

when you run an IT advisory services, you are faced with question that sometimes raise a smile Customer: How do I change channel on my monitor? Advisor: Your monitor won't have channels like a TV. Customer: But I was watching the internet channel the other day and now I just get the word processing channel. Advisor: Can you click on 'My Computer'? Customer: I don't have your computer, just mine. Customer: My 14 year-old son has put a password on my computer and I can't get in. Advisor: Has he forgotten it? Customer: No he just won't tell me it because I've grounded him.

Sunday, 4 February 2007

NRIs seek easier process for repatriation of bodies

When you lose some one you dearly love, it is difficult. Especailly if you live abroad and want to bring the body back home. there is so much paper work to do that it can be really frustrating. In Dubai, Indian expatriates have demanded streamlining the process for the transfer of bodies to their home country so that there is no added stress after losing a loved one. Complaining of long and complicated procedures needed to repatriate bodies, the expatriates have demanded that that the authorities set up a single counter in the police department in each emirate to process all necessary documents Residents say they have to go through long, aggravated procedures in several departments, taking up to ten days to repatriate a body. People get frustrated going from one emirate to another to complete the necessary documents. They find the process of issuing death certificate, a difficult one with people having to run from one place to another for completing the documentation and it adds to their stress after losing a loved ones. They are emphasizing the need for a unified centre instead of several departments and ministries, that include The Police Department, The Ministry of Health, Public Prosecutors, Foreign Ministry, Residency Departments. that are involved in the process for repatriating a body.

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