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Monday, 16 May 2016

Visit to Nakki Lake at Mount Abu

During my visit to Mount abu, we rented a car to tour around the city. The ride was through the narrow, winding hilly path, passing through dry barren valley. We saw many monkeys on route. The ride was quite scenic especially when we passed through a lake.

The lake looked serene and calm and we decided to stop and spend some time jaywalking around the lake.

After a short walk, I sat down on a bench while my friends went further down to go for a boat ride. It was lovely afternoon, my friends came back half way, insisting that I join them for a cup of Rabdi, a sweet dish, the city is known for. It was delicious, although a bit watery.

#NakkiLake is the ornament indulgence of#MtAbu..the story as narrated by our taxi guide is that lake is believed to be dug by sage with his nails(Nakki) to satisfy the eligibility criteria set by parents of his beloved. Today it stand as testimony of their eternal love.

There was a large garden behind the lake where I saw many people dress in a traditional rajasthani costume to pose for a photograph.

Outside the entrance, in the opposite lane, the road led towards market place selling the local handicraft items of the city.

We had just limited time to spend at Nakki lake but this market seemed like shopper’s paradise. It was so colorful and vibrant.

I thought I would return on another day, not realizing the distances. It was quite far from where we had put up at Abu Road, at Brahmakumari Center and going back up the hill was not possible.

But spending two to three hours at this beautiful venue during the evening hours, watching the sunset by this Nakki Lake and going for a peddle boat ride would have been a better option.

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