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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Watching through my green lens

I always have a camera in my handbag; one never knows when one might get a good shot. Over the period of three years, I have collected many, many pictures. Today I saw ektitli asking for submission, I am tempted to share my pictures there.

This is the interesting contest where there is a theme. There are three categories. We are asked to share two of our favorite pictures that touch their theme.

• Strength & Spirit:

Under this theme participants can send in their own photographic interpretations of strength, endurance and spirit. It could be anything from a massive bridge to a row of working ants or even your personal pillar of strength!

• Under this category, I have posted:

Caption: Talent has no age

With no cares of the world, young painters paint on the walls of the street for happy sunshine, now that’s the spirit!!!

Category: Strength and Spirit

Location: Mumbai (Wall project)

Caption: Dancing on the wheels

Differently-able children skate happily holding ribbons, falling at regular intervals does not dampen their spirit.

Category: Strength and Spirit

Location: Swami Bramananad Pratishthan, centre for mentally challenged, Navi Mumbai

• Moving Stills:

Under this theme participants can send in pictures of anything that has moved, inspired or motivated them. This a free category with no specific theme.

Caption: Tiny steps to liberation of soul

We, like a young monk, can be happy too, if we learn to be content in our own beautiful world

Category: Moving stills

Location: Gangtok, Sikkim

Caption: Careless Shopping

Unlike in those shiny AC malls, we can squat on the floor, haggle over price and still come back home fully satisfied

Category: Moving stills

Location: Darjeeling

Seven Deadly Sins:

This is a theme based category revolving around the seven deadly sins of pride, envy, lust, sloth, greed, gluttony and wrath…..except with a GREEN twist. Here the participants can send in entries depicting any one, two or all of these sins but relate them not to people but to the environment! (eg. ‘Wrath’ of global warming on our climate patterns, “Pride” of towering concrete cities after merciless felling of trees) We have to relate a sin to any crisis of environment

• Under this category I have posted

Caption: Fishy Business

Ignorant of its freedom, the fishes glide in two by two foot colorful tide, bringing joy to the human’s pride

Category: Seven deadly sins

Location: Darjeeling

Caption: Endangered Nature

Re-development will devour off the rivers and trees, there will no waters for dogs and human to swim

Category: Seven deadly sins

Location: Raighad, Maharashtra

If you like my pictures, I will appreciate if you vote for me at ektitli

Thank you so much in advance :))

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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