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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Vicky Donor - The Father of 53 babies

Friend says “let’s go for ‘Vicky Donor’ a Bollywood film, but I am in no mood to watch a film that week and I suggest a shopping in the mall instead. We spend the evening at a shopping mall at Juhu, looking at the latest gadgets on display and lusting for it. Lust is the only thing we can afford to do over over-priced gadgets that are beyond our budget. My friend, who is a compulsive shopper, however, shops and comes home with a kitchen appliance but reminds me that it would have been a better choice to go for a film.

I agree, I should have gone for a film instead.

One week later, another friend suggests for the same film. By now, the reviews are out and I am told that the film is doing quite well. There is good acting of the new stars, humor, good music and a fresh subject about sperm donation that has never been discussed so openly. 

The curiosity gets the better of me and I go along….

Blood donation, kidney donation, eyes donations, we have heard it all, everything can be donated to make the life of the fellow human more tolerable but why is sperm donation a shame, a taboo?

In the latest film ‘Vicky Donor’, the story revolves around Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurana), a jobless Delhi-based Punjabi boy who is convinced by Baldev Chadda (played by Anu Kapoor) to become sperm donor. He chooses to be discreet about this because of the fear of rejection from the society, so although this gives him money and the pride, it does not give him enough courage to disclose his activity.

But that is not all that makes this movie entertaining; it also has playful scripts discussing the culture of Bengal and of Punjab, which is so different in every aspect that it adds humor to the script, Then there is also wit and humor during mother-in-law’s drinking habits,played by Kamlesh Gill, her conversation with Dolly,(her daughter-in-law) which is sometimes difficult to understand because of its Punjabi accent but is entertaining nevertheless.

With new actors, the film is believable; there are no item songs, no unpleasantness, the story flows smoothly with fine acting by all the actors.

Before the movie was released, Ayushmann Khurana had done the promo of this film with college students and the girls who were interviewed, were put off by this idea of sperm donation and admitted that they would not like to be married to a sperm donor. 

I think we find this idea obnoxious because of the way Vicky Arora is advised by Baldev Chadda, (Anu Kapoor) the doctor. He asks him to masturbate over the porno materials to ejaculate those semen samples. 

However, one boy joked that he would be happy to see his children in every lane…..

You can watch the promo with college kids here

Over the box of caramelized popcorns and the pair of samosas, it was a perfect evening to spend a lovely evening in a cool auditorium and enjoy the fresh approach of this new subject…….

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