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Friday, 29 June 2012


Want to come for a film called Kshay? 
“Ksay? I have never heard about this film, is this some off-beat film?
“Yah! it’s an art film, running at PVR, I don’t wish to miss,  only last two days left”
“Is it good?”
“I have heard it’s a good film, has refreshing cinematic languages and has won ‘Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature’.
That did it. I have always loved art film but have not visited it for a long time.

My friends and I arrived 15 minutes before the show time. With popcorn and coffee, we sat relaxed in plush comfort of the large soft seats for the movie to start.
The movie, Kshay (made by Karan Gour) moves at its own pace, there is no moment of boredom for us. Black and white, in sharp contrast, the story unfolds
What does an Indian housewife do? She has a routine life that includes prayers, household chores and looking after her husband needs. During her free time, she might have some hobby or may visit her neighbor for a chit chat. That’s a normal life for an Indian housewife.
Chhaya was leading a normal life till one day her eyes chanced upon the serene face of Goddess Laxmi. The price of the unfinished sculpture was Rs15000 which was something beyond her means. Soon her desire turned into obsession and she began to see Goddess of prosperity everywhere. She started relating the solution to all her problems on acquiring and owning the sculpture.
Life changed completely; soon she lost the sense of reasoning, her peace of mind, her moral values. All that mattered was to fulfill her obsession, so severe that it would destroy her, leaving her all alone
Made in black and white, with its own space for innovation, this award winning film sent chill through my spine and sometimes left me feeling sorry for her state of obsession and boredom. The whole focus is on the near-perfect expressions of the protagonist, which fills all the space. I was awed by artistically and poetic performance of Rushika Duggal. There is no distraction as I go along with her through her every emotion of pain, pleasure and her sense of frustrations.
The movie ends, I remain seated, still.
Desire is such a curse, especially if you are poor, it can lead to extreme obsession that can destroy the very existence of peaceful life…….

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