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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Walking down the Promenade

The sun is still visible behind the thick light brown clouds; the cool air from the sea makes it a pleasant walk. Sun normally sets at 9:30pm, the big open space is full of people, out for fresh air. There are few shoppers too and there are many souvenir shops surrounding the plaza. On weekends there is a big crowd of tourists and locals, watching the street puppet show. Its 6:30pm summer time; I am walking down the street called Martinez in the town of Puerto de la Cruz.

On my right I see a tourist holding two parrots in her hand, the photographer speaks to the parrots giving them some instructions in Spanish The parrots obey and one stretches on her one arm, pretending to sleep, while the other parrot lifts its head giving a peck on her cheek. The photographer is satisfied on striking a deal.

The path is broad and clean, lined with palm trees. There used to be motorway many years ago but now it is renovated and converted into a walking plaza. This strip of promenade has no traffic at all, sea front on one side, with small inlet with stone seats and row of restaurants and other souvenir shops lined on the other side. 

There are some artists who will paint or do caricatures from a live model or just from photographs.

The fish tanks on my right distract me and I walk closer to have a look and I see some tourist having their fish pedicure done in one stall. There are many more such tanks and I am tempted too. But no, it’s my evening walk, some other day, perhaps.

As I walk further, I see a couple dancing. They are dancing on a live music. Many restaurants have spread their furniture outside in the open space where people can sip their coffee or enjoy the Canary Island meal, as well as enjoy the fresh sea air. I sit down and order coffee and enjoy the vocal music that the artist is singing, some old numbers of the eighties. I sit longer to hear some more of this music before I get up to continue my walk.

The end of the path opens to a large beach of black sand. It is actually an artificial beach with sand imported from another island. This is the best place to relax and watch the waves, and the people at the beach and the beautiful view the other side.

There used to be a large water fountain here which use to light up with colorful lights, but today, there is shortage of water, or electricity or recession perhaps.

I sit relaxed on large wooden seats, watching the sun as it sets slowly, coloring the sky to pink, then dark red and finally disappears behind the waves of the sea leaving behind the dark shade of blue..

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