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Monday, 10 September 2012

Birth of a Music

What game did they play while their parents enjoyed a cup of coffee at the sea front cafeteria? 

Parents were watching them from far, just seeing to their safety, they were asked to remain in the same line as their vision and not disappear far away. Children were also aware that parents were around and they need not be afraid. They ran, one behind the other, laughing, chasing and speaking in the language that they understood. It was simple sentences, which anybody would understand had they paid attention, but nobody cared.

They were left alone to do what they pleased. 

“Come, see what we have here” said the girl. 

They came to stop around a huge barrel, that once was used to store wine.

Maybe it leaked and did not serve any purpose and now it was used as a decorative piece. The children moved around it, watching it from all angles, touching the smooth sides of the barrel. One of them slapped the top of the barrel and liked the sound it produced. Soon there were more slaps, in rhythmic beating like those African they had seen in a film, soon there was music in the air, not the plagiarized one, but pure creative music produced by innocent minds…

Everybody was distracted but nobody said they had heard this tune, they just relished the joy on the children’s face. The children continues to bang on the surface of the drum and shook their waist with every beat.

A new music had just been created… waiting to be copy-pasted…. Maybe by a passer-by.

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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