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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Aurat Band Day

The 23-years old continue to suffer in the hospital. Have you ever hurt your knee? A small scratch and the pain is severe, so much that you may moan for days, complain about not being able to move. Here we have this girl, whose internal organs are damaged and she may not be able to lead a normal life, even if she survives. She suffers thus because she lives in an unsafe country such as India, where the law is so slack that men continue to be lusty, attacking women like mad wolves, punishing her for moving around city after dark. This will continue to happen, or it may even get worse if no action is taken by Government to curb this violence. There have been protest in Delhi and Mumbai by young people but no action as yet.

But they will have to listen to the cry for help towards making our city safe for women, and for the future generation where we know that woman will contribute to the development of the society. She has a great potential to give her best, that will mean that she will be willing to work at any hours of the day, attending corporate meetings and late dinners perhaps. She needs her own independence to move around the city that should be safe for her. Men who try to obstruct her path or try to dominate her should be punished. There should be some law that should force the man to respect the independence of a woman and she will not rest till she finds herself secure.
Respect woman.
How many corporate houses have only men working for them? There are stenographers who keep all the paper work in order, keeping tract of all the assignments and making important calls. There are women who serve coffee and may even clean the corridors.
How comfortable are men who are bachelors and living on their own? Are their cabinets and wardrobes clean? What about their kitchen? Do they eat well?
There would be poor economy if woman did not shop. What use will the malls be if there were no shoppers? Men get bored of shopping and run to the food courts as soon as they can escape, it’s the women who keep the shop running.
Women are important in every aspect, they can make the world come to a standstill.
You still don’t believe it?
Well, be ready for ‘Aurat Band’
Women don’t be seen\heard or work. See how India works then! Aurat Bandh. I’m saying let’s give them what they want. Go on an aurat bandh! Let all women not b seen or heard. No shopping, no housework. Nothing. 
— Huma Qureshi, actor
Aurat Bandh declared across India. Request all women 2 support it...skip work and show your support and fight for our safety. 
— Chandan Roy Sanyal,actor
AuratBandh on 26 DECEMBER! Yes, women out there raise your voice against crime. No work on 26 DECEMBER. Spread the word. Show them what you are. 
— Kriti Thukral
Yo women! Guess what? NO WORK ON DEC 26! Even if you’re a home maker, DO NOT work! Let’s see how they function without us! AuratBandh! 
Discussions about auratbandh... right or wrong...worth it or not... well...if this isn’t, then nothing is— Akanksha Shukla
Women strike work. This is a good way to protest. Nation will certainly come to a halt 
—Chitra Narayanan


  1. The phrase Aurat Band is wrong. Who will do that even if it is taken in a sense? What will it mean? Aurat stops doing all she does cannot mean Aurat Band. Demand to be treated not differently than man is only proper. Both men and women have their distinct roles.

  2. Disheartened at what's happening...but all this will soon be forgotten. Been reading the news and there's a father of a two year old crying his heart out about how his two year old was raped in some corner of India. I silently pray. I shed tears at night thinking of our human race...I am helpless beyond that :(

  3. We need to start self-defence classes in school. And have open discussions on what rape is, and how abuse is a terrible thing to inflict or be inflicted upon. But for an immediate sense of safety, I guess continuous protests just about may reach the ears of the deaf rulers of hte country.


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