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Friday, 7 December 2012

Blast from the Past – Happy Times in Kuwait

The best trip I have ever had in my life is the trip to Kuwait. This was before the Iran-Iraq war. One of my close cousins had moved to Kuwait after marriage, she invited me to visit her. There were no moments of silence during my trip because laughter filled all hours of the day.

We were young and silly.

My trip coincided with my cousin’s brother-in-law. He was a good company but much irritated with our non-stop silly laughter. At home we played computer games (Bomber man and Mario) or watched Bollywood films. I hated fighting scenes and songs in Bollywood films, I fast forwarded such scenes as the result three hours movie lasted for an hour that irritated people in the house and more giggles from us meant more annoyance from BIL’s brother.

Going out was fun too.

The hoardings in the city were in Urdu script, which sounded funny when we would try reading it unintelligently.

We wondered what women wore under their burqua, we followed the women in the shopping mall to understand their taste in their clothing. What did it matter what they wore under burqa? We argued, much to the amusement of the men, but it was amazing to see their dressing sense in the visible parts of their body. A well manicured fingers and toes, lots of gold jewelry on their hands and ears, and beautiful stylish shoes.

We loved eating out. ‘Jarjeer’, a form of watercress (rocket) was included in salads, and in most of the meals. ‘Logaymat were Kuwait-style donut holes, crisp on the outside, lightly seasoned with saffron, coated in a sugar paste, with a hint of lime. ‘Machboos’ a dish cooked with either lamb or chicken (sometimes with camel) was browned then baked and served on bed of yellow rice. ‘Margooga, a pasta dish in sauce with cilantro, ‘Mutabag’, a tomato-based stew, ‘Qabot, a Kuwaiti style dumpling, stuffed with ground meat and raisins and served with tomato broth were the other dishes that I loved eating. Tashreeb (lasagna type) was the ultimate comfort food in Kuwait. ‘Torshi’ a homemade pickle that accompanied most dishes.

We were amused by the English spellings of the translated names. There were funny spellings on menu like ‘lamp’ for lamb. ‘Duqoos was the tomato sauce that accompanied rice dishes. ‘Jarish’ was pronounced as ‘yareesh’. In Kuwait dialect, they turned ‘J’ sounds to ‘Y’ and ‘P’ to ‘B’ and we had to ‘Bay’ and ‘Bark’ the cars. Kuwait was the place where I acquired a new name, people called me ‘Boosba’ which some of my cousins call me by this name even today.          

No outing is complete without picture. We clicked many pictures but always had three of us in the picture.

This is the photograph that brings beautiful memories in which four of us were able to get a pretty shot.

How did we manage that?

We had gone to the market to have the street food.

Fully satiated, we decided to walk down the seashore and we saw this large glass building in front of us. Three of us sat down immediately for a picture. That’s when my BIL saw his reflection in the mirror too.

“Finally we will get a picture with four of us” said my BIL. It seemed a good idea; my cousin quickly got up and stood behind her spouse.

Click! Finally we had one picture that had all four of us in one picture.

Lovely shot! Isn’t it?

But wait a minute; do you find anything funny in this picture? No?

But we laughed when we saw the picture


 Like I told you, sometimes we had no reason to laugh.

ps; Sharing these 'short few moments of blast from the past' with friends at Marathon bloggers

The brief was – Pick any photo from the past and write about the memory associated with it, it could be a picture taken during a trip, could be about a meal you can never forget, a dish that you are proud of, an event that is embed in your memory


  1. That's a cool pic, couldn't make out that it was a mirror and was wondering why there were people sitting with their back to the camera LOL :)

  2. What a lovely unconventional picture..and you are right a holiday filled with laughter without reason is a one to cherish!

  3. yound and silly chit chats is something u start missing in d hustle bustle .. happy rememberances.. :)

  4. I was smiling throughout my read, can totally imagine how much you would have giggled. :)


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