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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Respect Women

A part of me died today when I woke up this morning and heard that 23-years old-rape-victim died after a long struggle. She had a strong desire to live and see the justice done to culprits who tortured her so mercilessly. But alas! She will never know if the justice was done, ever.

Today I am glad that I never mothered a child.

This is the country we live where men do not respect woman, where she is blamed for every crime. Punished for the choices she makes at home, at work place, in the society.  Will it ever end?

The injustice starts as soon as she steps in the womb. She is not welcomed, families’ doctors and professional are willing to discard her even before she is born.

Who has courage to stop these men who make women’s life miserable? When it did start? Who put these ideas in men’s head that he is superior to woman and that it’s his right to abuse her.

This is the society we live in where people are not punished for the wrong things that they do. One of the reasons our judiciary lies in shambles is because we live in corrupt society where rich get away with the atrocities by bribing the superiors and victims are embarrassed in such a way that they back out.

Actually the abuses begin at home. It’s the mindset of the men in the house that needs to change. If wife forgets to add salt in the dhal, why can’t he get up and bring it to adjust the taste? What is the need to raise the roof?  If the bare-exposed skin distracts him then the problem lies with him, why can’t he control his own emotions? What does it matter if she is dressed in the way she is comfortable? Why does he expect daughter-in-law to bring gifts from her maternal home, is he a beggar who cannot buy what he wants?

Why can’t they ‘let-it-be’?

Why can’t man adjust and learn to accept the change? My friend, who had lived in Delhi for some years, talks about her experience saying that if she dared to go out after 9pm, she would get lewd remarks and dirty stares from men. She says that going out late night was like defying their laws and they want to punish them for acting too smart.

I think the problem is with the man. He has a tendency to transform into a dangerous wolf after sunset. He needs to be accompanied by a woman to control his libido.

However strict the laws are, nothing can change unless his mind-set changes. He can be punished for rape and murder if convicted but how to punish a man, who tortures his family day and night?

Man has to learn to respect woman.

There is no other way.

All that we can do is pray that they understand and respect if they can....

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