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Monday, 24 December 2012

Santa Visited Me This Year

During my growing up years, every Christmas I wished that I were born a catholic, especially when I met my friends who showed me cabinets full of toys and beautiful range of dolls that Santa gifted them each year.

Yes, I was greedy for gifts because I never received any, not even on my birthdays, nor any awards at school, nor from my family members who came from abroad. Gradually I lost interest in gifts and my expectations came to zero when I realized that I could afford to buy whatever I wish and didn’t have to depend on anybody to shower any gifts on me. Now, I have a rule for visitors that if they come to see me, they are not allowed to bring any gifts for me. Thank you.

Nevertheless, I was pleased when Santa visited me this year and dropped me a book. Okay, I admit there is neither a chimney in my house, nor an open window, but an unknown person sent me through post (what else) and I was surprised.

Do you believe in Santa? 

The one who is dressed in red with white moustache is a happy fat man who laughs ‘Ho Ho Ho’ but he is to get the children in good spirit.

My Santa is an unknown person, whom I have never met, a member of the group ‘Marathon Bloggers’ where bloggers decided to blog everyday during the month of December. A secret Santa was created in the group, sometime back where we were asked what we wanted this Christmas. I asked for ‘Good health’. 

My wish of ‘good health’ was to divert my attention from pain to cooking good food, in the form of a book called ‘Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine’ that had won a prestigious jury award in 2009. The book has collection of vegetarian dishes with extra tips on buying and preparation authored by Viji Varadaranjan and Padmini Nataranjan.

A beautiful handwritten note added at the inside cover revealed (through my handwriting analysis skills) that person who sent the book is a meticulous person with beautiful mind and thoughts. When she was selected to choose a gift for me, she visited my blogs to know my taste, such effort (I am so grateful to her) only those who care would do.

I have added her to my friends’ list on FaceBook and nurse a desire to meet her some time in future.

FaceBook is my virtual space where I find beautiful pearls and Meera Prasant is the new friend who shall remain in my circle.

Cheers to all my virtual friends……..


  1. All I could see in that post was those nails <3 I want I want.

  2. I loved your post! Very touching. And those nails.....Awesome!

  3. lovely post.. dont we cherish such meeting of new frens.. and yess d nails.. awesome!

  4. Seriously I too have to ask about those nails.. yours :) ?

    And you have put down your feelings on gifts and this particular one in general so well !!


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