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Friday, 28 December 2012

Sorry, Wrong Number

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Last week I called a stranger who has been receiving calls from people in my contact list. He is an angry middle-aged man who gets irritated each time people from my contact list call him. They call him and ask him to call ‘Pushee’ he shouts back saying that he does not know any ‘Pushee’ and to stop bothering him.

I know it’s very frustrating when you receive call for a person you don’t know.

I decided to make a courteous call to him.

“Hello, is this…xxxxxx277, I am ‘Pushee’ speaking”

“Oh! So you are Pushee? I get too many calls asking for you, this is very frustrating because sometimes they insist that they need to speak to you even after I tell them they have a wrong number.”

“Well, I want to apologize to you, I am aware that people from my contact list are bothering you, but I am really sorry.”

I explained to him that I used to have two phone numbers, one with last three numbers as 277 and other with 477. I had surrendered my xxxxxx277 back to Vodafone and that number has been allotted to him. Most of my family members and my friends are not aware that I have another number too, I requested him to inform them, when they contact him and direct them to my line at xxxxxx477.

He softened when I said ‘sorry’ again.

“Okay, I understand” he said, “It is such a pleasure to speak to you. I am glad you told me. Now that I know I will give them your number as xxxxx477, and one more thing, you have a lovely voice.”

Hmmn, all that ends well with a compliment ends the best

Yesterday, I received a call from a friend who was directed to my phone when she made a call to xxxxxx277.

One phone call to offer apology, made a difference to his mood. He is no more irritated now when he gets a call asking for ‘Pushee’

“Oh ‘Pushee’ you mean?” he says gently, “you have a wrong number, can you call her on xxxxxx477 please?”

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  1. What a sweet post. Indeed - a tiny sweet gesture can make a huge difference. SO nice of you to call him, explain and even apologise.


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