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Thursday, 13 December 2012

(Un)Pleasant stay in the Hospital

Nobody likes to stay in the hospital.

It’s a miserable place to be, for the patients and also for the visitors, who devote their extra hours from their busy schedule to their loved ones. The nurses may be good or grumpy, it depends on their work pressure, but most important thing for patient is to pass their time in the best way that they can. Pain is constant and the more attention one gives to the pain, the more it refuses to go. The best way to find relief is to divert one’s attention from pain to something more interesting.

I had a misfortune of spending a week at a Hospital at Mumbai. This hospital is run by nuns and priest, so it is assumed that it could be the most pleasant place to be.

It was peaceful in certain aspect.

Early mornings, there is Mass in the praise of Lord Jesus, the patients are blessed, there are hymns and sermons, then the Christmas carols or devotional songs that keep the mornings peaceful.

The hospital has a rule that TV and Radio is strictly prohibited. I understand such restrictions because noisy distractions may disturb other patients if you are sharing the room.  But if there is pin for charging your mobile or other electrical appliances, then the hospital should have no objections for using such services.  Right?

I was happy to charge my mobile and keep in contact with my family and friends.

I was also in contact with my virtual world through social media. It kept me busy reading posts and blogs of my friends, news on twitter, poems and stories on social forums or playing scrabble with my friends. The few hours that I spend on my laptop were blessed distraction from my severe pain.


A nun visited my room and saw me using my laptop.

“Are you doing some official work in the hospital?” she asked

I smiled and said that I just passing my time.

Two minutes later, the head nurse came to my room and asked me not to use my laptop in the hospital.


I wanted to know the reason for her senseless orders; she lost her temper and told me that I must pay Rs50 for the electricity I was using at the hospital.

Isn’t the use of electricity included in the room service?

I have used the electricity at the government offices, doctors’ waiting rooms, at the malls, at the airports, at public places and even during train journeys.

Nevertheless, I was willing to pay if that is what she suggested but she refused, saying, “I said you are not allowed to use your laptop in the hospital and if you wish to charge your laptop, send it home for the recharge. Nobody on my floor is allowed to charge their mobiles or laptops in their room, it is against the rules of this hospital”

Well! Well! Well!

The rest of my stay was spent staring at empty walls and making friendship with my pain.


  1. this ridiculous...i know that Florence Nightingale is the icon of nurses but why make a hospital seem like a war camp?

  2. Ouch! That aint good patient care at all :) too strict aren't they?

  3. That sucks man! I have never heard of such a rule. Ridiculous!!!

  4. What? Which hospital is this? You ought to make a hue and cry and speak to the head of admin regarding this. Bah!

    meanwhile, get well soon.

  5. Wow, this seems like the weirdest hospital ever. Agreed that some places take it to the opposite limit by charging you a bomb, and make it feel like a hotel room, but there is a way to strike a balance without taking it to the other extreme too!

  6. crazy! i left a jbo co they didnt allow GTALK! well cud i leave that hospital i thinky!

  7. Precisely what? That hospital is the? You ought to render a hue and weep and talk to the head of admin regarding the. Bah!
    click here


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