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Monday, 17 December 2012

You Are in my Prayers

"We can't go back to school," one little boy told Rosen. "Our teacher is dead. Mrs. Soto; we don't have a teacher."

Six kids saw their friends die and I can imagine the trauma they must have faced as they witnessed the killing.

Dear Friends, fellow bloggers

I am one of the blogger who is taking part in observing silence for the innocent victims who lost their lives on Friday’s shooting rampage at Connecticut.  Like you we cried as the news reports come in. As a mother of two, it is really hard for me to imagine about how somebody can hurt those innocent 6 and 7 years old. Who supposed to be laughing at their Christmas gifts wrapped under the Christmas tree and long waited holidays? In the time of happiness we are mourning for the loss of these tiny angels.

Their life was cut short, their dreams were crushed. Those late night kisses and wonderful smiles when you pick them and light sadness when you drop them in the school is going to be missed forever to that little angel’s parents. Also to those moms, wife, grandmas, friends who lost their lives doing their duties as teachers and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary school.

We know that no words, no gifts, no act of service will ever take away the pain, but we, as bloggers and also parents collectively want those affected by this to know how close to our hearts they are

We love you; we pray for you, we are so heartbroken for your loss.

To honor the memory of the lives cut short, we choose to step away from our blogs and computers today to celebrate the gift of life and those we love the most, our children, families, good friends and community. We’re holding our kids little tightly, reaching out to neighbors and giving thanks for the moments we have together. Thank you for stopping by today, we hope you will join us in remembering, praying and gathering close. We wish you and your families a safe and blessed holiday.


  1. Well written... Tears will dry off but pain will remain forever. I live the day with the fear of not knowing what to do myself if i were in that situation.

  2. Scariest day for any parent :(. Thanks for sharing!


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