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Monday, 18 March 2013

Travel and Souvenirs

Many years ago, when I started travelling abroad, I noticed people buying things that they didn’t really need. I was brought up in a middle class home where we only shopped for things that we needed and nothing more. Therefore I was surprised when I saw people buying dozens of assorted key-chains as if they were free.

That was the first time I was introduced to the concept of souvenirs.

I learnt that people shop for souvenirs to bring back home the memories of the places that they visited and to give away mementos to their well-wishers too.

I used to love dolls, I had decided then that I would collect dolls from every country that I visited.

But this passion did not last long, because after traveling to many places, storing the dolls was an issue. There are many souvenirs I have collected over the years but most of them I have given them away. They attract me but the thought of storing puts me off.

Walking through the narrow streets of Ghana I came across this wooden carved figure and I couldn't resist buying
 trekking through the dirt path in the interiors of Tenerife in Spain, I came across a tiny shop that sold this metal lizard with a baby
 Then I was looking for table lamp and loved this hand painted shade with a carved metal stand when I saw it in Spain
masks always amuse me and this tiny wooden mask captured my attention

Over the years I have collected many souvenirs that have included books, artifacts, coins, key-chains, fridge magnets and many more.

It becomes easy to give as souvenir to friends, specially those who appreciate it.

I have tried many airlines but I like to travel in those flights that have good inflight shopping. Most of them have duty free stuff like perfumes, jewelry and drinks. But sometimes if you are lucky you might find rare things too, for example this ‘camel-tooth-pick’ souvenir that I had purchased during my travels to Dubai.

When the inflight shopping is interesting, then it is certainly much better activity than just sleeping and eating, no?


  1. All those souvenirs look so memorable, you have a good eye to pick them up :). And I will definitely ask you for tips the next time I try to book an online flight ticket, don't do it too often and always end up going to a travel agent as I am doubtful if I'm getting the best deal.

  2. I think booking on line u get better deal than from agents, however it is better to check both the options b4 booking....thank u for visiting my blog Aparna :))

  3. Amazing souvenirs, you have a unique choice as well as taste, just love that table lamp you brought from Spain.....My family is also planning a trip to Spain, I am thinking of referring them to MakeMyTrip India, to get the flight tickets at affordable prices.

  4. Thank you Versha..Glad you liked it :))


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