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Monday, 6 May 2013

Chap Book For Little Dude

Little dude has started school. Early morning he wakes up, dresses up, takes his breakfast and water bottle and goes to school.

He learns nursery poems, listens to stories, and gets potty training and learns how to socialize with other kids.

I thought he could be ready for some sight-reading too and decided to make for him a chap-book.

The easy way to get the child interested is to show him something that he is familiar with. Every child is familiar with the people he meets everyday. The family that is close to him. Hence I decided to make a chapbook with the pictures of his family members.

I went through his album and selected the pictures of all his family members. I then worked on Photoshop, writing text, drawing balloons wherein I inserted sounds, splitting the words into syllables.

With all the pages in order, it was ready for printing, cuttings and arranging the pages in order.

Next was stitching the pages to make a book.

The greatest joy was seeing the little dude excited to see his own pictures in a book!!!

Yes, he is learning phonetics now!! I am extremely happy……


  1. this is amazing :) i will remember this idea for sure...

  2. Thank you Swati , Glad you like it :))


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