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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Marathon Blogger Prompt 2- Thirst

It’s a thirst for knowledge that makes us go to places where we wouldn’t go on our own.
Visit to any place/venue is an adventure by itself, be it at a restaurant, movie, or even at a spiritual discourse.
If you have been to a spiritual discourse, you will realize that there is nothing new that you are likely to learn. Every discourse has same message to give. The magic mantra to peace and love is to watch your thoughts.
But thoughts play a very tricky game. Have you watched your thoughts today?
Lets do one experiment.

Sit straight, cross-legged and close your eyes.
Think only of a flower. The flower is red in color. It has sweet fragrance. It has velvet touch.
Set your alarm clock for twenty minutes. You must only think of this flower and just repeat ‘This is beautiful”
Visualize the red color, feel its velvety touch, inhale the sweet smell.
In twenty minutes, did your mind wander? What else did you think?
Your thirst for knowledge will never allow your mind to rest. While repeating the words “This is beautiful” your mind might wander to many more such beautiful things, then maybe to ugly things, about the people you met on that day, the things they said to you, the number of times you got irritated and thoughts wander on and on….
Did it happen to you? The more knowledgable we are, the more distracted we are.
What do I talk about twenty minutes? Even if your mind was still for just two minutes it will be a miracle.
While reading this two-minute post, were you able to keep your thoughts on this post alone?
What else were you thinking while reading this post.??
Want to share???


  1. Interesting!! I did try it for a bit and the mind does wander :) There are so many thoughts that rush to engulf the mind as soon as you want it to think nothing. This has happened with me earlier too whenever I have tried meditating :)

    1. In the beginning is very difficult, but with practice, ppl do succeed in controlling mind and not letting mind wander :)) thank u for ur feedback Simran :)


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