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Friday, 31 May 2013

Marathon Bloggers Prompt 5- Spicy

Inviting a Brahmakumari follower for meals is very tricky. I was sitting in a restaurant when BK followers called to inform that they will be coming for tea. I decided to pick up something from the south Indian restaurant. It is difficult to decide what to pack, it should not be spicy and must not have onion and garlic.
I just ordered Vada Sambar and Idli Chutney.
My guests did not touch the Sambar (because it was spicy) and just nibbled on dry Idlis and Vadas.
How do they eat such dry and tasteless food? They said that their religion does not allow them to eat certain kind of food. It affects their behavior and disturbs them during meditation.
They believe that eating habits steers behavior of a person.
Choice of food has lot to do for people who follow some Gurus or cult. They believe what they eat interferes with their concentration during meditation, a ritual which compulsory for every follower. They follow a strict diet to calm their nerves.
Basically there are three kinds of food.
Sattvic food, which is light and easy to digest, it brings clarity and perception and has potential to unfold love and compassion in the individual. It is supposed to promote the qualities of forgiveness and austerities.
Eating spicy food is Rajasic that stimulates the senses, making the mind more agitated and susceptible to temptation. The mind becomes more rajasic, which means that it tends towards anger, hate and manipulations.
Eating Tamasic food is strictly prohibited because it is dull, heavy and depressing. Makes the person very lazy. Under this category comes dark meat, lamb, pork, beef as well as thick cheese.
I love spicy food. I will eat anything that is tasty. I am not sure if it is affecting my nature in any way. I don’t get agitated or sweat over small stuff, but then, I am not meditating during early hours in the morning, so I cannot tell whether I am Sattvic, Rajasic or Tamasic in nature.
My religion tells me to be kind and non-judgmental. 

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