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Monday, 22 July 2013

At Garachico Port in Tenerife

Sunday.. a day of rest, a day to do something different, to break the bones of routine. Some spend the day lazing around, sleeping or watching sports on TV, some go shopping or movies and some go outdoors in the open air to high seas to sweet talk with fishes and trap them into their nets. .

This Sunday I spend an evening at ferry wharf to watch the time breeze through some moments of bliss...

First thing that caught my attention were the rows and rows of boats parked side by side at ferry wharf. Creatively painted with bright colors and designs, they were a welcomed distraction. Lovingly covered with cloth or plastic, silently they rested at the end of the day..

Sundays are the days when they are used by the natives to go for a ride out in the sea, to some remote island close by, to find a quiet spot where they park their boat and do some fishing.

The boats are a luxury possessions, as expensive as buying a car. There is parking space on the big concrete space too that surrounds the pocket beach.

There is also this vast open space for recreational activities. This is ample space to walk freely and to rest on the wooden benches to rest the knees. There are children with their pets, running and falling, young people skating from one end to another, people walking in groups, sharing their stories after their ride on the seas.

Although water looked calm and serene, it was a bit oily beneath, probably due to   motor used for the rides and the fishes that swam as far as the shore struggle to breathe.

Not all park their boats at the shore. There are some, who dismantle their boats, separating the machine from the body and towing away their boats in their car.

We wait till the sun reflects its bright golden rays on the hills facing the pocket of beaches. The hill blushes, bathing in different shades spreading its positive energies.

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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