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Saturday, 10 August 2013

El Golfo in Lanzarote

This is a unique part of the coast where a volcanic crater had fallen forming a spectacular green Lagoon...there was a steep walk to go up to other side to see the blue lagoon and it was too windy, ...I was wearing skirt and you know flew up shamelessly...I immediately ran to souvenir store close by and purchased shorts to avoid more embarrassment....

While I shopped for shorts, rest of the group walked up the hill to see the green lagoon on the other side. It was too late for me to join the group on the top of the hill to see the green lagoon. Later, when I came home, I googled to see what I had missed, my bad! I missed the most beautiful view.

image source:Google
This lagoon is in a semi-circular volcanic crater left by an extinct volcano. The rest of the crater has been eroded away by the sea. The green colour of the water is caused due to microorganisms in the crater.

I sat in the restaurant instead to enjoy a cup of coffee and breathe in beautiful view till the group came back from their short walk up in the hills.

Exploring Lanzarote: part 3

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