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Friday, 9 August 2013

The Mountain Of Fire At Lanzarote

From far they looked like metal cylinders pierced into the ground. I went closer to have a good look. The man with the bucket asked me to stand on one side. It was impossible for me to stand straight without support. The wind was fierce and wild; it was getting difficult to keep my balance. I walked towards a huge rock and rested my back against it. Soon the crowd gathered around the cylinders. The man with the bucket poured the water into the cylinders. In two minutes there was a loud explosion as the spray of water spumed out from cylinders up in the air.

I could never have imagined that there was so much heat under the earth, where I was standing. Just centimeters from the surface the temperature gets as high as 400 degrees centigrade.

A bit further away from these cylindrical pipes was a small crater. The man started to demonstrate the effect of the heat from these craters. He pushed few dry twigs into crater and the twigs begin to burn with flames up in the air.

A restaurant up on the fire mountain has monetized on this idea. The section of this restaurant has a ‘Volcanic barbeque’ where selection of food like meat and potatoes are cooked on a grill over one of the volcanic vents with juices dripping into the crater. I peeped into the crater to feel the heat and saw thick layers of grease from the roasted meat coat the rock.

Exploring Lanzarote: Part 2

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