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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Redevelopment - 3 Packers and Movers

It was time to move out of our homes to make place for redevelopment. We are promised swanky apartments in a high-rise building with all the modern amenities, a swimming pool, a gym and an impressive lobby. But that is in the future, right now it meant that we had to move out to a rented apartment.

Relocating means that we have to sort out our possessions, and decide what can be taken with us. There are many things I have been hanging on for years, hoping that it will come into use someday, now, that have to be disposed immediately. I realized that I had lots of junk coated with dust. I didn’t actually need them. Many of my possessions had occupied the cabinets, nestled in dark corners, hidden, ignored.

Now I needed help, somebody to help me sort, pack and then help me unpack. I needed packers and movers.

Research is important before taking any task, although recommendation helps. Friend suggested ‘Agrawal Packers and Movers’. I went to their site and discovered that they claimed to be the best having won number of awards, they could be trusted.. or so I thought.

I called them up to give me the quotation. I was actually moving just few block away, so I didn’t think it would be a problem. Moreover, I was not moving all my furniture since it was just from my bigger house to a smaller one. I had already disposed off the excess furniture.

A representative from ‘Agrawal Packers and Movers’ quoted a lump sum price of Rs32k. I found the price too steep, therefore hired a private person who agreed on 10K.

Most of my neighbors decided to move during the weekend. The building compound was filled with trucks of all sizes and shapes. Packed furniture lay scattered in the compound awaiting loading and transporting.

I was not able to track all of my neighbors, but the few that I met, I was quite impressed with their packing. The furniture was bubble wrapped, covered with brown paper and then plastic. Since I had employed an unprofessional person, he just moved my furniture uncovered, manually lifted most of the boxes and delicate articles were transported on foot.

But the packers and movers that mushroomed in my building looked quite impressive.

So what was the verdict?

Two of my neighbors had hired ‘Agrawal Packers and Movers’ and both were highly disappointed.
They claim to be number one but they are not.” Said my neighbors who used their service.

Agrawal Packers sent only few people to do the packing and when they complained, they send more people from outside the company who didn’t know to pack. Moreover the truck came in late at night instead of morning, and the family were shifting till 2am. This is very tiresome for the family with health problems and insensitivity shown was very disappointing. In addition to that, they had to hire their own carpenters to dismantle the furniture because such service was not provided by the packers.

Another neighbor used the service of ‘Metro Packers and Movers whose motto is " WE Have A Job To Do - And It Must Be Done Well” Metro movers promise exclusive customer support with their personalized moving service.
“Most of them promise a lot and then try to cut corners once you opt for them” said my neighbor who used their service. “The steel cupboards were not bubble wrapped therefore they got scratched”.

Excel Packers & Movers has emerged as a prominent packers and movers in Goa

Two of my neighbors used Excel service and they were very happy. They were impressed with their packing and they found the people quite courteous and professional and did good job. “Tough job well executed” they said.

Gurukripa Packers and Movers’ have their main office in Indore and they are in service since last 12 years. Two of my neighbors who used their services were very happy with their services. With just Rs16k their work was very efficient. “They finished packing and moving in one day and everything was packed and transported properly, they even unpacked for us and sorted it out as per room, making it easier to unpack in new house.” they said

One of my neighbors moved to the next building and I was amused to see him transport his furniture across the fence.

Getting a right type of help relieves the person of the burden of relocation but if wrongly selected, it leaves us exhausted and drained.


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