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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Watching Sunset at Lewisville River in Dallas

The greatest joy for me  is to sit by the river side and watch the sunset. I love beach too but walking on the sand, getting my feet dirty is not my idea of fun. Nor do I like to walk on slimy rocks where there is danger of losing my balance. Its just water that I am attracted to, the rippling sound of the waves, the cool winds touching the shores, and staring in the sky for hours watching the different shapes of the clouds that change ever second.

I was thrilled therefore, when my cousin in Dallas organised a boat ride on Lewisville river, one Sunday afternoon during my visit  to his town. Watching the sunset from the seashore is different, having done that many times, at every opportunity that I have got, but to watch it while sitting in the boat, surrounded by water on all sides, the birds diving to catch a fish and the mild breeze..its completely a pleasant experience.

The meeting was set at around 5pm. We were a group of eight members, family, friends and kids too, that added extra joy with their chatter. It was a private recreational area for members who owned boats.

One could spend all day here. A long expanse of free space, surrounded by water, trees and open space. There were lawn furnitures everywhere for people who would like to picnic at the site.

A proper concrete path to reach the curb cut where the boats were parked.

It was most beautiful speed boat that I have ever sat in. soft comfortable, low couches and enough room to relax.  

The sun was beginning to set.

We started as soon as we were ready to sail, at a speed so high that I wished I had life jacket (although it was not really necessary). When it stopped in the middle of the river, I was totally disarrayed and deperatedly looked for comb to straighten my hair.

While our boat stood still, rocking pleasantly on the waters, we snacked on delicious sandwiches that my cousin had picked up from a restaurant. Perfect sandwiches of meat, vegetable salad and spicy sauces.

We watched the sun move slowly down the horizon, changing the colors of the sky from yellow to deep red.

So grateful to my cousin and his family in Dallas who created this opportunity for me……a memorable day to relish for a lifetime.

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