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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Blogging on Facebook in Month of June '16

Coming to blog on my space here is becoming less nowadays because I have been blogging on Facebook more recently. Whatever I blog on Fb remains there only for few days and then it is swallowed up. I have decided that i should bring my status updates regularly on my blog here, so that I can re-visit whenever I wish.

some of my favourite FB status in month of June

Everybody is a celebrity on FB and why not?This is the platform where you can stand and advertise your self, vent your disappointments, share your talents and expect applause from your admirers...of course there are lurkers who will never leave their footprints (no like, no comment) on your page, they will quietly read your work, judge you from your posts, may even comment offline with your set of friends, taking your post as personal attacks when all you are doing is expressing your opinion....but then this is only a ‪#‎Facebook‬ a virtual platform....keep expressing ‪#‎WhatIsOnYourMind‬'

t started with one man..he had just come to rest at the foot path at the end of the lane. He stretched and leaned against the wall. The woman on the other side of wall gave him a glass of water and some stale bread. He was happy that people cared. The word spread..soon it became an everyday affair. sometimes alone and sometimes with his family and friends, who realised this was a friendly neighbourhood. Mats, utensils made their appearance and the comfort zone became so popular that the people increased. Over the period of five years..there are now around twenty people on this footpath..they cook, sleep and even sell drugs to young people. police have no power to vacate them...they disappear for few days but are back again..neighbours continue to give them blankets, water and food...soon...there will be sheltered tin houses.....the environment is filthy and unpleasant. There is nothing anybody can do..neither the people who live in this street nor the police... #BeggarMushroomingInMumbai

Yoga- a simple breathing exercise paving a road to better health but still not easy. How can one concentrate on yoga when the mind is filled with too much turmoil? Day to day activities, our interaction with people brings too much stress. Everything that we do/say/ react is used against us, so much so that we lose the freedom of speech, the thoughts lie wasted under breath and yoga goes for a royal toss...#Yogaday

For ppl to cooperate in our plan, we have first to win their trust. For that we must respect, understand and accept their shortcomings. Not everybody is perfect, actually nobody is- but every imperfect person has one quality that shines above everything else, invest on that good quality and win their trust‪#‎LifeLessons‬
If the word spills out before you could control, apologise..don't just keep mum‪#‎SlipperyTongue‬
I too want to exit from all the drama of who said what and why and all that negativity.. ‪#‎peace‬ ‪#‎pexit‬

Don't complain that watsapp is eating away the quality of time. It is NOT, if it is used moderately everyday(for a maximum of one hour only) to connect with family and friends in good times and in bad times. A cheerful emoji helps us understand that all is well..a message of help, or sorrow brings everybody together lightening up the spirit on days, when otherwise we would be trapped in solitude, suffering in silence till somebody noticed our absence and peeped into our homes to check on us......#watsapp

Why have ppl started copy-pasting messages? 
I believe that its because ppl are scared to express their own thoughts. They want to stay connected but are afraid of hurting ppl s sentiments. People have low tolerance to accept the truth, every FB message is taken as a taunt on a personal level and its always who said what and why..They have lost their sense of humor and cannot take a joke objectively..
so where is the freedom of expression?? 
Your own friends start judging u and might even go on silent mode...un-friending u just because you expressed what was on your mind..unless you are artistic and have talent to share..your opinions is all you have...but there too..u expect likes and comments on ur opinions or else u r annoyed that u get no feedback.....u share photographs of the good times u r having...ppl start calling u show-off n egoist...
so what is the alternate solution...Copy-Paste and be safe...... #CopyPaste

Conceited and cunning, she would avoid eye-contact. She could rant about herself for hours, shutting her eyelids, not caring if people listened or reacted..all she cared was approval of her favors while wearing an ego cap.‪#‎Malika_e_Aliya

In silence, mind plays dirty tricks making you imagine things that are impossible, worthless, depressing. Its only when you share your doubts (with people whom you trust) and try to explore the depth of truth that you begin to understand things. Speak up (if you must) because you value peace and solidarity more than anything else.....‪#‎JustSaying‬

So today it stopped raining after a continious heavy downpour for almost a week. The sky promises a dry weather, I could easily go down for a short walk, maybe stroll up to a superstore n pick up something I fancy..skim milk, maggie or simply roasted spicy peanuts. But laziness has set in...limbs too stiff to venture out of my comfort zone..I have created a cozy corner in my room, soft with piled up cushions, warm, fits perfectly around me...books around me loaded with stories of far away and laptop within an easy reach..."lethargic" - I scold self and then curse the rain...showing my fist to sky n shouting "See what you have done to me..its all your fault" Rains have ruined me.....and the season has just begun..... #Rains

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"I shall seize the fate by its throat....
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