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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Damn! Absent again! Sorry KGAF!

I hope I am missed at KGAF because I did not go there today. No, not missed by those friends who are there at the festival, Nah! they hardly care, tsk! tsk! tsk! All my friends are busy in organizing those events or they are attending different events and they have told me quite frankly (with a pointed first finger) that I could communicate with them only after the festival. Presently, they have no time for me, not even a two minutes chat! Sigh! But those sweet and friendly kids must be missing me, whose pictures I clicked during my first two days, or those handicraft stalls, which will have one less shopper and those art galleries which will have one less admirer. Today, I saw the terrible news on TV of people getting arrested, showing temper tantrums and boxing each other and I am afraid of riots. Normally I am quite brave (I can hold a live cockroach in my closed fist and let it scrawl) but these riots in Mumbai have left me biting my nails. I had decided to go to the KGAF everyday but now,after watching this news, I have changed my mind, because I live in Bandra and going to South Mumbai by train or taxi is a risk I am not willing to take. What if, I take a train, which normally takes twenty five minutes to reach Churchgate, and some of those rioters enter the ladies compartment and force me to speak Marathi? Not that I don’t know to speak Marathi, I have learnt it at school, but I haven’t been practicing my Marathi for quite sometime now. I have even taught my Maharastrian maid to speak English, (silly me, I have lost the opportunity to learn the language from my maid, too). The vegetable and fruit sellers usually speaks Bhojpuri and I have learnt few words in their language, just few words like “No, Go away, I don’t want!” and that much Bhojpuri language is enough for communicating with a Bhojpuri vegetable venders. Taxis and auto drivers speak Hindi and I have learnt all the numbers from one to hundred, so it is easy communicating with them, when I give them my change. I am English speaking person, but I know to say “Yes” and “No” in all four languages (although I sometimes do falter on those words and interchange it's use, but then, that is an another story) and now with the mushrooming of malls, there is really no need to speak any language at all. Just read, pick and pay. And, I love living in Mumbai. I have lived here all my life. The embassies of different countries have repeatedly offered me their country’s Visa but I have refused them all. Oh My Gawd! I cannot even dream of living anywhere else in the world! I think it is important for me to re-learn Marathi. I could even start dressing in a traditional nine-yard-saree. Those checkered, bright green, cotton sarees really look good.( They should make nine-yard-saree a compulsory dress code in colleges) And I also like that big, beaded nose-ring, but, where do they shop for those accessories? I have neither seen those nine yard sarees nor those assessories at any shop in Bandra. But why? (It makes no sense selling those tight, low waist jeans, that tease the passer-by with their branded inner-wear) I also like that small, round, netted bun, they look great and shine on those oily heads. It could make a fashion statement! I am sure that they, at beauty salons, will start practicing those hair styles too. They need to earn their bread and butter too. Should I shed off my unnecessary fear? Brrr! Not until I master the Marathi language. I don’t think I am ready to take that risk. It is best to stay at home till I find a suitable Marathi-speaking tutor or rather, wait for this uprising to fade away. Tomorrow, I will watch the TV again and check whether those rioters have cooled down and have gone back to sleep. Then. I hope, I shall boldly venture out again to participate in some more events at KGAF.

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