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Monday, 12 November 2012

A Diwali Message...

Diwali festival is here, bringing with it love and to rebuilt the relationship between family and friends. Each one of us will sit with our family and pray to Goddess Laxmi to bless us spiritually and mentally. We will pray for success and prosperity and ask for strength to face the rough times.
But God helps those who help themselves. Just praying won’t help, there has to be some effort on our behalf too.
To bring the happiness into our lives, we should hold ourselves accountable; it’s no use blaming others for our unhappiness. Nobody can harm us if we do not allow them. We are in charge of our own feelings and as we think so shall we feel.
We create the thought and that creates feelings.
Positive or negative thought, it’s all in our control. We spend too much time thinking about what people will gossip about us. In this tech world that we live, let it be understood that people really have no time to think or talk about us. Even if they make a comment, it’s just a passing phrase, nothing to brood about. They make a comment and get on with it, might even forget about it.
But what do we do?
We sit and think about it for hours and hours, making ourselves miserable. “How dare she say this about me? How much does she know me? As if she is perfect!” we repeat over and over, unwilling to forget, thus bringing unhappiness into our lives.
The first germ of bad feeling is our bad thought. We want revenge.
We won’t rest till we have got even and said equally unkind things back to them. We have attachment with negativity and we are always being cynical about every issue. This is a germ that spreads like virus and envelops all the people around us creating negative vibrations that may result in headache, health problems or discomfort.
People are so insecure that they are always doing weird thing to draw attention to themselves.
Why don’t we have a faith in ourselves? Why must we keep proving ourselves?
It is not important to make an impression on everyone whom we meet. As long as we have good opinion about our own selves and have enough faith in our own abilities, there is no need to prove it. Our talent will be recognized eventually without any struggle.
On this day, of Diwali festival, may we be blessed and let us work on cleansing our souls so that negative vibrations don’t even knock on our doors.

Happy Diwali and a happy New year!!


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