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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Crocodile Farm in Bangkok

I would call crocodile big brothers of iguana, and fierce cousin of lizard. But they are lazy lot. They look like sculptures glued to the floor, with no movement for hours, stiff and inert. If you look closely at the crocodile, its skin is very beautiful with proportional geometrical designs equally spaced, a wonderful natural creation. It is farmed chiefly for its skin to make assorted leather products like wallets, belts, gloves, etc. Some eat crocodile meat, which is considered aphrodisiac.

A crocodile show was to begin, there were huge crocodiles in their pens, some in the water and few on the concrete slab in the middle of the moat. Two boys came and tried to wrestle with crocodile, holding them by the tail and trying to place them on the concrete island. It was quite an effort pulling the heavy croc, they tried with their hands or pushing with their legs. Once they succeeded in bringing the croc on the concrete island they pulled croc’s jaws wide open. Then they would do stunts like inserting their body or head in the open mouth of the croc and moving it out before the croc shut their jaw with a snap.

What if those boys were not able to move their body fast enough from croc's jaws? What if their body be stuck between the sharp teeth of croc? This was quite stressful for me and I wanted it to end as soon as possible with no gory accidents.

In another pen, I saw people buying meat and throwing to the croc. It would start a fight between the hungry croc.

I hate animal shows of any kind where somebody is likely to get hurt.

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